I read an article, Love People, Not Things which really resonated with me. 

"For decades, psychologists have been compiling a vast literature on the relationships between different aspirations and well-being. Whether they examine young adults or people of all ages, the bulk of the studies point toward the same important conclusion: People who rate materialistic goals like wealth as top personal priorities are significantly likelier to be more anxious, more depressed and more frequent drug users, and even to have more physical ailments than those who set their sights on more intrinsic values."

Take a moment out of your crazy day to pause and reflect for a second and be honest with yourself.

What are your personal goals? How would you articulate it?

Could you do it in one word? Or maybe paint a picture or a scenario situation? 

Just spitballing here....

Wealth, fame, power, security, family, love....

Financial security. White picket fence. Beach house with 2.5 kids and a dog named Marley...

Mobility and time to travel the world to live and be completely free and myself....

How do you want to feel? 

Inspired. Secure. En route. ALIVE. Energized. Empowered. Enthusiastic. Calm. Grounded. Fearless. Like I matter. Expansive. Content. To be able to know and say "YES! This is what I want!". Free. Enraptured. Purposeful. Authentic. 

But how would you get there? 

How possible is it to achieve the above without recognizing who you are as a person and the values that you stand for and most importantly, abide by. 

Be honest. Do you live with integrity? Do you want to? 

How do you define "being the best you could be?"

I believe it starts with defining your core value system.
We need to make our VALUES the HEART of the matter. 

Right now, I'm trying to redefine "success" by exploring my own core values which are given by my upbringing, my education, my peers around me, and my own life experiences. These life experiences are constantly growing. Within my soul, I feel empowered to be more and more myself.

Personally taking time for some serious introspection ensures that I'm on track with the best person I can be. This also includes to paying attention to social norms and being aware and open to the wide realm of human perspective. It's an ongoing reflection. But if that's what it means to be human- to think and to feel and to write and express yourself, why not right? 

Join me. 

Define your own unique voice and write your values down NOW.