Life is a blur. Let’s face it, we live in an ever increasingly hedonistic age, an era dominated by selfies, image-crafting via social media, Buzzfeeds top 15 lists for how to live your life, hurried moments at a music festival captured in a saturated filter, fast food culture mixed with road rage.  Information overload flooding us with infinite options/alternatives/substitutions for everything from frozen yogurt toppings to online dating matches.

Commuting zombie, skimming buzzwords, high information-low retention, catching meetings, meeting deadlines, setting project timelines, microwave leftovers, Snapchats and latergrams, drunch hangovers. What did I eat for breakfast again?

Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.

Any of this sound familiar? 

We “go through the motions” without really stopping to enjoy the moment or the process. Maybe it's because we are too caught up in the past “you are so not like my last relationship” or maybe because of anticipation of what’s to happen in the future “So when are going to LOVE ME?” We get caught up in ourselves and forget to stay mindful to what’s actually around us in the present moment.

I often find when speaking with people my age (oh hoho the troubled, anxiety-driven millennial...) that we are all collectively grasping and seeking for something we can’t exactly define or pinpoint. It’s not that we are unhappy, but just kind of jaded and dissatisfied…

“Hiraeth” is a Welsh word that has no direct English translation. It means longing for the unattainable. Feelings of impossibility and incompleteness. It describes a mix of longing, yearning, nostalgia, and wistfulness. In a way, to yearn is to simultaneously realize that there is more to your life, and in some aspects that its not enough.

Yearning messes with the tempo of your life in both a good and bad way. You don't know what it is you exactly want but you know you need to have it. 

Without a great deal of personal reflection and spiritual inflection, we resort to things that can satisfy our temporary needs and wants. We go and seek what we crave and we can attain it no problem given the ease and availability of choice.

But it's never enough... because what we might crave now might have just been a relative attempt to find what was familiar and if it somehow falls short within our expectations, there's the mind already thinking "well then on to the next one!"

So with all of that  #realtalk (as opinionated as it may be), at least acknowledge that it is critical now more than ever to take a moment to yourself and just think, breathe, process, and let go. 

Think without judgement, without expectation, without regret of the past and worry for the future.