Living moment by moment, and seeing everything afresh without judgment and worry lets us experience life rather than simply get through it
— Dr. Patrizia Collard

Gratitude occurs when we begin to realize what we have been gifted with. Compassion occurs when we allow ourselves to connect to others wholly without judgment.

Awareness of gratitude and compassion allows us to focus on positive thoughts and perceptions. If we can latch on to this moment in time, we can focus on new possibilities and move from just “being” towards “adventurous living.” Let’s embrace how things are as they are and focus on returning our awareness to the childlike curiosity we all had when we were young.

Think about how easy it was when we were just kids looking up at the clouds or the stars. There was nothing to do but gaze, marvel and wonder. There was no notion of what to achieve or where to go or who to get in touch with. There was just you and the sky. Without any notion of time we don't have any guilt for wasting it. Time and guilt are concepts we learn much later in life.

While important to dream and achieve and set goals consistently, it’s also important to sit back and just be. 

Breathing and seeing is free ya know. Sometimes we forget that. 

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