Day 1 back to Taipei. I didn’t sleep at all on the 15 hour flight. I was too excited for the next month working alongside my sister, who is traveling to China with me in her first stab at working for the family bizz. Big step for her but there is definitely more to follow.

On the plane, I’m looking at how soundly she’s sleeping right next to me. I feel the excitement beating in my heart and I can feel from how sore my cheeks are that I had been smiling (with eyes closed) at the idea of what we could create together. Yet nervous at the same time because it really could go one way or the other. #enthusiasm

We land. I feel how much warmer it is. Flying more than 8,000 miles from Denver to Taiwan. From 7 degrees in Colorado to 73 degree weather in Taiwan in a matter of a day and a half. We saw the sunrise on the taxi cab back home and I knew we were fortunate and lucky to be where we are right now.  #gratitude

I forced myself to nap for 2 hours but something about knowing that it was a Sunny Sunday got my energy acting up again.

I wanted to be outside. I wanted to hike, to bike, to run, to be active. Which in retrospect, is quite polar opposite of how I spent my last 3 days in Denver. Writing down memories, reflections, insecurities, etc. I was a hermit and all my sister did was shove food in my face as I ate and typed in a couchlocked position. Ignoring her and releasing out all of the feels on the mercy of my keyboard a long note addressed to her about family business problems. Very unlike me to skip out on 3 days of adventuretime outside Denver streets. But it was worth it for the creation of clarity. #focus

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with myself and I’m curious to discover over time how my energy is created and maintained. It could either be physical “I need to do squats” or just mental “must pour my verbal vomit out” to my support group from all around the world. In any case, I’m vibing off of it and I’m growing to love how it makes me who I am.  And I’m happy for the love and encouragement for those who really know me as I’m sharing myself along the way. #energy #love #integrity

It was my idea to go on a bike adventure. My sister, my father, and my uncle. It was a 6 mile bike ride to Danshui and on that bike ride, the first day back in Taipei, feeling sun on face, passing the iconic Guandhu bridge, I suddenly felt a surge of inexplicable happiness. The experience itself of riding a bike while listening to Ellie Gouldings “Anything Could Happen” and Major Lazer’s “Get Free” I swear at that moment I could have won an award for longest bike ride with no hands while busting out my drum arms and swaying abs in rhythmic beat motion. I’m sure to the confused and amused stares of my coworkers behind me that I looked much like a high gypsy. #freedom

We saw a street performer singing and playing the keyboard. He wasn’t getting much attention. Or if he was, nobody was paying him. My father says that street performers have it tough in Taiwan. He said in a jokingly way “maybe you should dance in front of him and people will start noticing.”

Oh man, was that a challenge? He doesn't even know…. 

How I love challenges and how weird I could be…

I looked at my father. And I knew then that if this was his first test as “boss,” and I was his “employee” then I will at the very least show him that the answer to “how do you help someone make money” would be to “put yourself in an equally vulnerable position, get on their level, and add your own twist.”

Be fearless. Put yourself out there. This is my 2015 vision statement -

Through self-awareness and mindfulness, find positivity and authenticity in all relationships, put myself out there and create something of value that allows me to express myself while inspiring others

So I did it. I walked to the center right next to street performer and just started interpretive dancing to his melody and beat. Eyes closed because it messes my vibe when I know that people are video recording me. For a good 2 songs. There was applause. And then there was street performer voicing on the mic “well thanks for that dancer out there. What a random yet delightful thing to see...I don't even know her!”

I walked back to my father, who is starting to know me more and more as I build my confidence and identity, and I asked him “did I embarrass you?”

I suspect I'm still a bit sensitive to how conservative and reserved I should seem, at least in Taiwan and around asians anyway...

But he hugged me and said “No. you were great. You could do this and be fearless because you aren’t like most adults who care too much about looking foolish and being judged.”

Heart warms. Aw….gee. another authentic moment for the win. #openness

We bike back home.
Today was a good day. 

What is one fearless thing you've done lately? 

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