The message below woke me up at 4 AM and made me smile and squirm myself back to sleep. The sort of genuine response that I’ve been getting through the people I’ve touched and been touched by and I’m hoping that there is more of this “inspire me and I’ll inspire you” feedback in the future as I keep publicizing my tifflinning experiences. As random as they are.

It is now my theory that by sharing your stories and this includes your vulnerabilities/insecurities/challenges/goals that people can start to become relatable to each other and become empowered. To be united by our commonalities, our differences, and our stories.

And I’m starting to see from all the people that I meet on my travels…different countries and cultures…that everyone struggles with some semblance of the same shit. Fear. Doubt. Indifference. Laziness. Unmotivation. All grounded on the excuses we set for ourselves about circumstances in life beyond our control.

And it’s only through sharing stories and having #realtalk that we get to the root of the problem and then talk about some actionable goals or values needed to get you back on track. To get you back to loving who you are and working on the person you are meant to be.

So I will be here to live and learn. To feel and write and start the conversation.

I swear I never used to talk this way or feel so strongly in the power of people and change. I guess the past few months personally branding my reMINDmebands and setting daily/weekly challenges for myself changed me subconsciously for the better. It’s way easier for me to be myself and find happiness in doing so. I only hope the same for everyone else.

I had Yuxi’s permission to share her 4 AM comment that inspired me to spend the rest of my day high-spirited.

  • Yuxi Cecilia Liu

    Hey Tiff!!! Happy New Year!!!Long time no talk but it doesn't feel like we ve been out of touch bc I've been following your FB posts and blog posts. Everything you've been done and represent is just outright awesome in a crazy and wonderful way. I still rmb the last time we had brunch in NYC last Feb when you gave me a bunch of stuff (still have your shorts and socks haha) and we talked about vulnerabilities. I don't know anyone else who is as open and willing to put herself out there in the face of risks as you, my girl. 

  • Yuxi Cecilia Liu

    I'm using New Year's as an excuse to catch up! From your recent post, sounds like you'll be busy for the next month traveling to China with your sis. Maybe after that, we can google hangout?

  • Tiffany Lin

    Love you Yuxi!!

  • Tiffany Lin

    Yeah you are right about vulnerabilities

    And Brene brown. Power of vulnerability to drive you towards creativity and showing the world who you really are

    And I know you get it through the power of dance

    And just genuine smiling! Aw I miss you!!

    Face of risks? As in im totally setting myself up for social media doom - now everyone knows how crazy and insecure I am? Hahhah even potential future employers if this thing with my family doesn't work out?? Yeah I guess

    Would love to chat about it !

  • Yuxi Cecilia Liu

    from my perspective, you are just really living life as we all should but rarely do because of all silly inhibitions, self-consciousness, and self-perceived social pressures. I am very inspired by your courage and aspire to live more openly and more freely because there's too little time we all have in this life to be wasted holding ourselves back.

  • Yuxi Cecilia Liu

    I want a packet of your reMINDme bracelets! How do I order them? Haha

    When are you free? I m generally free evenings and weekends. Miss you lots and still looking forward to going to a dance party with you someday

  • Yuxi Cecilia Liu

    I have been keep reminding myself to be authentic and put myself out there more these past couple of days, and I genuinely feel more energized!

  • Yuxi Cecilia Liu

    About life and talking to people and not caring about others' judgment and just being myself. For one small thing, I'm really getting into photography and I always felt self-conscious to take photos at restaurants and would only do it with close friends. Now I've been whipping out my DSLR and snapping shots and capturing moments. I feel more alive when I allow myself to be guided by my instincts.

  • Tiffany Lin

    Amazing !!!! You do you girl !

Thanks Yuxi for making me feel. I know you’ll be great. Keep it up with your DSLR and capturing genuine moments. Your aspirations come from a great place. Don't hold yourself back and I know once you believe in yourself that you'll inspire others around you. YOU ALREADY ARE!!!

You inspire me to be me. 


Dream to believe to achieve. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Aspirations go as far as confidence and the belief that you have what it takes to follow your dreams. By daring to do so, you are already paving the way for someone to be inspired to do the same.