The following is written by Melody Lin on January 24

Today was a sad day. Let me tell you why:

An inexperienced and abandoned female dog next to the office gave birth to 8 pups last night with no help. Hiding in a pile of trash, she struggled in this cold weather to fight for the babies survival as well as her own. People who tried to check on the pups waved brooms and sticks at her derelict shelter to threaten her to back away. Come to find out, she resorted to cannibalism and fed on some of her babies. Not one of her 8 pups made it..

You'd think most people would wonder why and how this could have happened, how it could have been prevented, how these lives could have been saved. But most people don't. A majority of people in eastern countries fight for their own survival. The survival of animals come last.

Here are some reasons for maternal canine cannibalism:…

I won't torture myself by thinking about the reasons why this happened because all of these reason are possible for her situation. I can only hope that this never happens again, but sadly, I know it's unavoidable. I just pray that conditions (environmentally, socially, politically) improve here in China so that people can live comfortably, and hopefully live in a place where animals (esp. dogs and cats) aren't separate from humanity.

I hope this story touches you and raises awareness for the conditions dogs and cats are put trough in countries outside of America. I may not be able to change everyone's way of thinking here in China, but I can at least get this story out so that we keep the animals here in our hearts. Please pray for all the dogs and cats that are lost in this world!

While Mel may be inconsistent when it comes to people, she’s always had more of a soft spot for animals. Fostering kittens in Colorado is her go-to topic of choice. Within one hour of meeting someone new for the first time, she’ll most likely share her photo album of different kitties sleeping on top of each other and/or on her boyfriend. It's ador(k)able in an eye rolling way.

The night she wrote her reflection piece was an interesting one for me to sit by and quietly observe. I was surprised when I caught her furiously typing away clearly lost in a train of thought. Usually at night in our shared room, I'm the one writing while she’s buzzfeeding or watching documentaries about baby penguins. When I finally read  her thoughts about how sad of a day it was for her, I began to see through her eyes how clearly distraught she was by the injustice of it all…animal cruelty/indifference/negligence in China…and feeling powerless like she couldn’t do much about it aside from make a Facebook post about it. 4 hours of writing and 9 likes. Go get em tiger. #passion #movement #inspire

For the last few days, Mel and I would visit the dog (Mei Long) to check on how she was doing. Mel would courageously hop over the brick wall while all the men at ODES awed in surprise, sticks in hand in case “shabby crazy dog” pounces to bite. No bites. Just lost depressed eyes and a shrinking rib cage. There was also a dead baby puppy in her makeshift cage. More sadness and helplessness.

The next day, Mel spoke to Peter about her concerns. Chinese New Year is coming up and there is a long freezing break while everyone is off on holiday for 20 days. Mei Long is getting visibly thinner and distressed as she’s still taking care of a dead pup like it was still alive.  Is there anything at all we can do? Peter ordered someone to throw more blankets to cover her cage.

It was as if it was an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality among people here who would occasionally see beyond the red brick wall. A curious peek as rumor spread about a cannibalistic violent dog…a peek that was not long enough to warrant enough attention to spike concern or empathy. Because with attention comes responsibility. Aint nobody got time for that. #empathy 

Despite haters saying “the dog bites”, Mel continued on past the brick wall to check up on malnourished depressed Mei Long. On the 3rd visit, Mel fed Mei her leftover homemade meatballs. Mei slowly moved towards her and rubbed her nose gently in between Mel’s legs. We took it as a sign of gratitude. NO BITES GIVEN.

Yesterday was a turning point. Within a night it turned 50 degrees to a chilly wet 35. Mel woke up that morning on a mission. I was just finishing up a company meeting about the importance of everybody using Pinterest (revolutionary right??!!) for our research and development team. Mel had approached me and said “look, we need to save a life today.”

Intriguing. She told me her plan was to hop over the brick wall and lift Mei Long up because she’s too weak to make the jump on her own. I had to be on the other side to retrieve. To be honest, I was reluctant at first. I don't bode well with dogs that had festered in trash/fecies/dead dog blood. But I saw how important it was to my sister... So...challenge accepted. #challenge

The dog ran hesitantly as she finally had space to roam free of litter. She didn’t have much energy and it was the first time I noticed how thin she really was from up close. She refused to budge and Mel had to literally pick her up and walk 3 minutes into company office headquarters. It was a sight to see.

We live on the 5th floor of our office building. While Mel was bathing Mei Long for the first time in our shower, I was watching out of curiosity and admiration about how pivotal of a moment it was for this dog who looked like she was on the brink of death. Peter was on standby with towel ready to dry. I went to the kitchen to look for dry meat. She stayed inside our home for the night. #collaborate #unity #love

Today, we went to the vet and got her shots. The vet was surprisingly really good with her. And our new dog was surprisingly super well behaved and didn’t bark once as she was getting her blood drawn. After an hour, the vet reported that she has extreme lack of nutrition. No surprise there. After we fed her 2 cans of baby dog mousse, she looked a bit more energized. #energy

Mel had to meet Peter to go to the fabric market so I took Mei Long back to the office/home after the vet visit. As I walked her outside and she shat on company property, employees came up to me saying I really fear dogs…especially one this big, so I’m not going to touch her. But you know, she’s lucky to have you guys. Her fate has changed for the better.”

We’ll see. Chinese New Year is coming up. The reality is that we are leaving for Taiwan and then back to the states for ASDVegas Tradeshow. We won't be back in China until March. We still need someone to look after her while she’s gone. Mel’s afraid if we let her to roam outside company headquarters, she’s going to run away and eventually poachers will find her to butcher her alive. People in China eat dogs especially in winter season. #truth 

I’m posting the status with Mei Long on WeCHAT (tifflin123) Discovery function (kinda like Facebook status for China) hoping that our employees can see how vulnerable/friendly/passive our new ODES dog is and volunteer to help out.  I don’t know if it will help but it's a start!

Teaching compassion and how to coexist with one another regardless of race, age, sex, color, species is an everyday task. We’re taking it a day at a time. 

If you know anything about how to treat abandoned dogs, let me know!

This post is dedicated to my sister. For her empathy, persistence, courage, compassion, and loyalty

Thanks for listening.

Gratefully yours, 


Having honesty and integrity in your life mean following your moral principles of what you believe to be true. Recognize your own voice and be truthful to it. Once you are openly honest with yourself and others, loyalty and respect will naturally follow. 

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