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Values Dissect with Linda Carson, Song Writer

Linda Carson is one of those magical colorful deities that will forever embody youth, joy, and vitality regardless of age. With Linda, there is no need to be anything other than who you are. You feel that automatically once you see how comfortable she is being exactly who she is.

The night that I met her, I found a boldness and gentleness within her character that I can only intuit is refined through time and a great deal of life experiences. You can hear it through her voice and her songs. And it’s this feeling. This powerful energy exchange that when someone is sharing something so completely real and raw to you, especially via song written with beautiful intention, all preconceived notions that you are anything less than are out the door. It’s a song that is sung in a way as if it was written for you.

It’s that “I am you. And you are me” next level high. I found truth in her lyrics and melody. I found poise in an “I’ve let that go” vibe in her life stories battling hard drugs, cancer, prison, and more. And lastly, I personally found a calm appreciation for nature and life in the Now as I stand next to a woman who’s done her time, been through all the highs and lows of life, and was able to come out today to fully appreciate and bask in the sunshine under the Redwood trees. 

I was blessed to have been able to stay with Linda and her 6 year old granddaughter Kaya in their home, the Artfull Cottage. A magical home painted to the walls with murals that had to have been blessed with love and prayer of safety and creativity. During that time, I began to process how amazing it is to be alive and to be present. To constantly learn and to be able to teach a generation below and above me. I breathed in and out the wonderful knowledge that can be passed down and up and all around. I knew it within me that this all had to be shared. We all have so much insight through the unique way in which we see the world.

Over the course of 3 days, we talk in depth and breadth about a number of subjects they don’t teach you at school: abundance, manifestation, spirituality, the mystery and humor of the Cosmos. Linda teaches me things like “We are Awake. We are Beautiful. Be the beautiful example.” And I let that soak in and manifest in my mind.

The following Q&A is Linda speaking her truth over the 5 values that run as constant themes in her life and can also be found within the intention behind her music. I feel blessed at the directed attention as she gives me some life advice as well.

We all have so much to learn. I am so humbled to share.

September 21, 2016 @ Café in Eureka

 T: Where does inspiration come from for you?

L: Yeah gee. Where does it come from? I really think that our gifts are all given. And there are different ones. I would think that if you wanted to create a gift that you already actually have it. And that’s why you’re wanting it.

And so the Creation comes out of our need to express our gifts that are already within us. So we are either able to figure out how to do that. Or we don’t and then we are frustrated.  Everybody’s gifts are so different. Some are artistic expression, songs, sculpture, writing. You could be a cook and care about how the meal is presented or the farmer that grows the fruit with love and care. That’s a gift. That nurturing. The teacher, the patience and the kind words. Those are gifts that not everybody has.

So what’s your specialty? And I think that when you are doing that, the inspiration comes. Because you are fired up and you are in tune with your true Calling. 

T: You had mentioned earlier to me two nights ago, what your 5 values look like. Values as in words that make you feel at peace and aligned with the Truth and how you understand the world and your place in it. Let’s talk about the first on your list. Courage.

L:  Courage comes as a ThunderWord. Now the little voice I hear, I feel is my higher self. ThunderWords must come from the cosmos for the collective consciousness. I think the cosmos sends this because change is here. It's time to Warrior up and have enough courage to create our new reality.

T: What I hear from you is that courage is necessary to fuel us in this world. What is an experience that you had that made you feel such a strong desire to choose Courage?

L: Oh honey, I’ve had so much. I mean, can I make a short list?

Well let’s see, there was sexual abuse as a child, raped by my brother at 17, divorce of my parents, my mother was an alcoholic. Let’s see, I became addicted to hard drugs and alcohol. I lost a son at 16 years old to suicide, our property was foreclosed, we lost our home and I got cancer that year. You know, I’ve been in prison and um..yeah so those are the ones I can think of. Oh hepatitis C…and I almost died last year. The doctors had me in the hospital. They said my system was failing. But I had taken this new drug and it just worked like at the 11th hour, the doctors took the credit. But it was pure magic. I got a good story about the hummingbird…but it would make this very long…

But so anyway, all these things that we go through, these trials, we are tested, trained and tempered to make us be strong and the best people we can be. If we didn’t go through these challenges and lessons, our lives wouldn’t have value. If it was all handed to us and we were told how to act and what to do in every instance, our lives wouldn’t have value.

It’s our freedom of choice and how we use that in our lives that is the value of this experience I think.

And so…I seem to have gotten off the mark. So the hard things we do when you are going through them, they always seem like the worst thing in the world but we do go through them. If you keep your heart and just keep going, that’s where the perseverance comes in.

T: Which is your second value. We can go right in.

L: Yes. It’s when you think all is lost, this is the time that it really matters. That’s when you stand. And when all around you falls, to still stand. I think that’s a quote from somewhere, maybe even the Bible.

But that says a lot to me. It’s like never give up. What about just before you make it to the summit of the mountain, you go “oh im just a little too tired.” But if you would have taken 3 more steps, you would have seen a vista that would have changed your life.

Just don’t give up. We know what happens when we give up. It’s just time for us to persevere and to not. And to be. And do it.

T: That’s so lovely

L: Yeah? Okay, so what’s the third one?

T:  I remember you had said equanimity.

L:  Equanimity is good with these others because when these things happen to us in our lives, our one true power, and this is not original to me, I’ve read and gleamed… but these are the things that speak to me and are true and important…And it is, as these challenges happen in our lives. It’s how we react to them that is the test of our mettle.

It’s easy to be cool and wise when everything is going your way. When everything is groovy. Its when the shit hits the fan. How do you act then? Are you a calm person? Are you in control of your self and your emotions so you can help others and be a good example to others? Or are you lost in the moment and throw it all up to drama?

This is what equanimity says to me. It’s like being a rock. Being steady

You never lose that so the other things come and go as they will. But the rock is always there, you see.

T: To be stable?

L: To be steady.  

T: I’ve been struggling with the understanding of living life as I am so intensely. To live a life in this erratic nomadic constantly learning lifestyle but then of course thinking that I need to have some sort of stability as well. I want people to know that they can count on me and that I’m not just going to be lost in the waves. I want to believe that myself. So I’m trying to understand what it means to be steady or stable.

L: You can have that through your core values that go with you no matter where you are. So people always know they can relate to that and know you for that. So your location doesn’t make any difference.

T: YESSSS (deep sigh)

L: And the more in tune you are with people, you can sometimes do remote energy clones. I send energy clones to be with people.

T: That’s nice! Sign me up!!

L: So one day, I had my grand kids up in Trinidad and picked up some other friends. We were going to have clam chowder, me and the kids. I see on the corner this group of women, the Women in Black.

They used to stand in front of the courthouse, not protesting war but standing for peace. Standing in solidarity. Well this one particular morning in Trinidad, very cold and foggy, and there were 3 of them standing there. They were shivering. I thought “oh you women, I would stand with you in solidarity if I wasn’t with these children. But my heart goes too, I’d stand with you”

The next day I had a girlfriend call me up and say “I was up in Trinidad yesterday. Were you standing with the Women in Black?”

So I told her what I had happened. She said she thought she saw me with them.

T: Your energy formed a shadow?

L: Yeah it was there. And she’s a real trippy person.

So what that told me was this is something we can do. We can send energy clones. I’ve been doing it ever since. When my girlfriend was dying in the hospital, I sent my best clone to stand by her and hold her hand and wipe her brow.

T: There are times when I feel there is an aura around me.

L: And this is what I’m trying to tell you. When you are away with family, you see. If you’re really connected, and your hearts are connected, then you’re with them.

T: Thank you... Family does mean a great deal to me and I’m always conflicted when I feel I am countries and light years away. You know, I was just thinking of how touching the story you had mentioned yesterday about the experience you had when you saw your passed away son in another. I had chills down my spine. For you to hear “Here’s your hug mom” as you hug this random stranger you met. This boy who happened to have the same name as your son too. It’s just a crazy Cosmic story…

L: Honey, it’s not just him. You know how many surrogate sons I have? It’s crazy. I can see them coming sometimes. I’ve got my group of guys. I’ve got all kinds of sons and there are all alternative lifestyle. Highly creative. Highly intelligent. They all just adore me. You know, it’s almost inexplicable. Sometimes I’ll be out and I can see a new one. He’ll look at me and sigh and then they’ll want to hug me. Its like a mother energy or something.

T: I do believe in reincarnation and all of that.

L: I do believe in past lives, I do. I don’t know how it works.

T: Okay, the next value is justice.

L: Justice, to me, is pretty simple. It’s all encompassing. It just basically means the right way.

Let’s do things the right way. And then there is justice for all. When I say all I mean all of us. The trees, the river, the air. Justice is just doing it right. And being right to each other. Just doing good. That’s what it means to me. So it’s the ultimate fairness. Because it’s unfair to treat things any less than fair and just. So it’s pretty simple for me. Just doing what’s right

T: Can you relate the two, justice and equanimity?

L: With justice, it can stir up emotions and we can feel indignant and outraged. Those are real strong emotions.

So where equanimity would come in is to hold the reigns on those fiery emotions and look at what is actually going on in the situation that I’m reacting to. What would be a more beneficial or effective reaction?"

T: How do you feel about right versus wrong?

L: In this reality, there’s very much polarity. There’s good guys and bad guys. And the good guys are going to win.

T: Yes! Love versus Hate. Love is going to win

L: Yeahhh, so next question.

T: The final value you’ve mentioned is Joy.

L: Joy. Under represented. I think people feel like it’s selfish or something. To really feel joy. To seek joy. To express joy. To want joy. To be thankful for joy. If we don’t have that, then what’s the whole deal. Joy I think is a birthright and almost like a duty. To not be joyful in this life is to show a disrespect to the gift of Life.

That’s how I feel about joy. And it’s a transformer. It’s a bridge. It’s a marvelous transformer.

T: Thank you. Courage. Perseverance. Equanimity. Justice. Joy. Everything you’ve said just flows so perfectly well…

L: Its this collective energy stuff. This is what I keep saying. This isn’t new. I’ve been pulling all of the things that resonate with me. This is it. This isn’t it. Its just what rings true for me. And then I do that.

One thing I do is, I use the I Ching. The I Ching is an old Chinese fortune book. You throw coins. It’s almost like tarot but I find that I have a real affinity with the I Ching. When I present a question or concern, I get really good, direct, and pertinent answers. It’s not a religion but it provides guidance on our core ethics. Equanimity is a term that I’ve gotten from the I Ching. Patience, generosity, kindness, equanimity, humility.

Basically, it just usually tells you not to do things forcefully but to bide your time for a more beneficial hour. If you are in a position of negative opposition, instead of fighting it, to become quiet. And to approach it in a more beneficial manner or a more beneficial time. And it’s always talking about the Ego and how the Ego would holler at us or demand this or that. But you know, it kinda just always brings you back to listening to your higher guidance and staying true to that. And all of the rest, you will meet with great success.

When I feel like I’m slipping and not quite being the best person I could be, it usually will pinpoint. You know, it’s pretty good that way. Whatever it is I’m doing or trying to make somebody do what I want to do, it will say you can’t force others against their will. It’s pretty good like that. Haha

T: That’s a lot of power and energy! Wow, there’s so much we’ve touched upon. I’m not sure how to articulate how I’m feeling...

But you know, the more that I meet people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, the more I notice that there is this presence and rush of Ego. And I see it within me too.

That I need to be somewhere at this time. That I need to be at this point in my life. This constant race. Because of this certain expectation that I set on myself or rather what I feel others set on me. As I’m listening to your advice about being at One, trusting the process, I feel a bit more reassured that everything will fall in the right place at the right time as long as you have the heart.

From listening to your life stories and seeing how you’ve reached this place of calm even when shit really hit the fan for you, it gives me more reason to embrace my life fully as it now and accept joy as it comes.

Thank you for that.

L: Can I tell you, I never wanted to listen to anybody’s advice. 

T: Well, I’m listening to yours now!! It’s great!!! Hahaha

L: I didn’t read a lot of philosophy books. Everything I ended up with I actually came on my own. And then I read. And saw similar things.

Yeah, I would hate to tell you that you gotta do this or gotta do that. You don’t have to study or get a masters. Everything you need to know is in your heart. All you have to do is to find a good way to tap into it and listen to it. And it will tell you everything. Everyone else will just tell you the things that work for them.

T: Yeah I’m forming my own opinions as I go. Granted what people are saying and what their values mean for them is definitely shaping it but not defining it by any means.

L: Yeah I think that’s good. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be doing that.  

I think it should be anything you want it to be. Your self discovery is your self discovery. And yeah, I’ve been soaking up things I’ve heard all my life. And distilling, picking, and using. I’m going to learn this and this.

T: If we can tie back all of those lovely life lessons, and those 5 values, how does it tie back to your songwriting? Are these 5 values present in the theme of your songs and how you deliver your Truth to the world? 

L: I think the actual terms are reflected in lyrics. But I’m a firm believer that as you are recording, you can actually put your intention. What you want the music to do and if you create the music with those intentions when people are listening to it, whatever your intention was will come through for those that are in tune. Maybe it wont reach everyone. But I think that’s real. You can put intention behind music.

Certainly those 5 values are repeated themes. Maybe not the specific words but you know.

T: I’d say so. These seem to have been constant running themes through your life through your experiences.

L: Well, I think those are all words I posted on my Facebook page and my cover. Oh and sometimes phrases, “We are Awake. We are Beautiful.” That just came to me. Those are my ThunderWords.

T: We’re coming to pretty much an end to the interview. Is there anything else you wanted to say to mention to the world to spread your truth, your light, and your love. You had so much lovely things to say. This had been such a wonderful joy. I’m brimmed with gratitude that you have this time to sit with me.

L: Okay. Figure out where your passion is as soon as you can. And get to it, as fast as you can, no matter what anybody says.

T: Here, here, here. As fast as you can. Because life is short?

L: You never know do you? And you could waste years doing what other people think you should be doing.

T: Well! I’m glad you’re still living life with joy and love. With intention of spending time with your family and your songwriting. The fact that you were able to persevere and come out of darkness! That’s a lot of triumph.

L: Thank you, well the time in prison obviously got me thinking about how precious time is and what we do with it when we have it in our hands. And when I almost died last summer, its like every day is a gift. And like what am I doing with it. So that changes it. When you have those kinds of experiences, you know that life just becomes more precious.

And I don’t know, I just want to make it better for everybody. We can do so much better. It would relieve us all of this stuff, but we keep pulling ourselves into it. With the intention that we give this stuff. We should all be just sitting on hilltops praying ourselves into paradise. Really. Really you know, visualizing it and doing it together. Maybe if we put LSD in the water supplies in all of the major cities…

T: HaHaha. That’s great. You can create your reality one day. Maybe it will start right here in Humboldt county.

L: Yeah, me and my girlfriend started counting, we counted 200 more trips we’ve taken on LSD. That’s what we used to do. And I’m pretty sure I got pretty Cosmic because of that. But then things changed. I got into hard drugs and that kinda lifestyle. All of my light got covered up. And I did it myself.

T: I mean…human

L: Yeah doing human things. Really low. Base. Selfish. You know, gratification on a very base low level. And that being your only focus, you know, spending years like that. That’s why I wasn’t songwriting and doing all of these wonderful things.

 So yeah, you can think “did I waste all those years?” and should I be miserable because of that

And then I think well that’s what made me who I am today. And I love myself. So I can’t say I have to change all of that in my head. I accept it. I don’t glorify it, but I accept it.

T: Acceptance and forgiveness are huge.

L: Acceptance and forgiveness and move on and get it better next time. We are so hard on ourselves. We don’t have to be.

T: Yeah I need to get that too...

L: Yeah I know I think you are probably hard on yourself. Because of the expectation, your culture, your family

T: Ha, but hey, I’m definitely learning now…

L: Yeah just by sitting here and doing what you’re doing. You’re doing it.

T: Listening to my intuition and heart and feeling its getting stronger every day

L: Just don’t feel like you have to do it like anybody else. You can do it your way. Sometimes I get jealous or something. Someone sings better than me, or I think they write better than me, or you know is younger than me.  Whatever it is. And then I think “awe you’re making it about yourself” And its not about ourselves. And then I think “look at this beautiful very talented person. Why don’t you just enjoy them” you know? Instead of comparing because we are different. And I’m glorious in my way.

T: This is such a great interview. I’m going to end it here otherwise we'll be here all day! There’s so many snippets of truth you are giving me. Ending it now. Thank you Thank you!

L: Goodbye ladies and gentleman of America, and the globe and the Cosmos beyond. Stay tuned.



As I'm digesting all of this through the humble practice of transcribing, Linda’s words and her energy clone spirits guide me into a definite appreciation of Life and Creation. 

Looking back, I literally can’t imagine the pain and sorrow of all those crazy dark times in Linda's past. I remember gasping as she casually listed off all of those life traumatic obstacles in which Courage and Perseverance showed up in her life to endure and move forward. I think what was more rattling was how she was able to list everything with such ease.

Her past of abuse/drugs/prison/cancer doesn't rob her of her present emotions. It doesn't define or control her Present. Right now what I see is a bold and courageous woman who is set on living life with as much joy as possible and passing on her truth in song and her actions. I see that as she teaches her granddaughter Kaya simple lessons on patience and manners at home and outside in nature.

The rest of her songs available on BandCamp also reveal the life lessons of someone who has lived and learned to let go. We may collaborate in the future regarding songwriting and spoken word. I’m ecstatic thinking about it!!

Thank you Linda for your truth and aligning your life with your values and sharing it through your heart songs!

Personally, i'm leaving here with many empowering feelings and I hope whoever reads this will have something to take away as well.

I choose Joy. I choose Love. I choose to live my life in the Now.

What do YOU choose? 

“Without courage we would just be sheeple and drones. It takes courage to step outside of the ordinary and the normal. To express yourself in your unique way. What usually happens is when all the sheeple, at first when they see you do something different, they become nervous and say “that’s not normal.” Then something happens and somebody decides maybe you’re cool, and then they all start doing it too. In other words, be yourself and don’t worry about what the sheeple think. Nobody ever wants to be told how to live their life. The best thing to do is to be the beautiful example, to be the person you want them to be. Just by being the best you could be. I think that’s our whole deal here: we learn lessons and we learn how to get better at doing this."

“Without courage we would just be sheeple and drones. It takes courage to step outside of the ordinary and the normal. To express yourself in your unique way. What usually happens is when all the sheeple, at first when they see you do something different, they become nervous and say “that’s not normal.” Then something happens and somebody decides maybe you’re cool, and then they all start doing it too. In other words, be yourself and don’t worry about what the sheeple think. Nobody ever wants to be told how to live their life. The best thing to do is to be the beautiful example, to be the person you want them to be. Just by being the best you could be. I think that’s our whole deal here: we learn lessons and we learn how to get better at doing this."

Linda is a Cosmic Adventurer, Light Warrior, Systems Buster, Rebel Member of the Family of Light. She is a songwriter who lives somewhere behind the Redwood Curtain in the Northwest California coast.

You can reach her at Lindafayecarson@lindafayecarson.com 

You can find her music on BandCamp here. Check out her two albums: Riding With Angels and Enter Vision

Linda and I having a lovely coffee date interview 

Linda and I having a lovely coffee date interview 


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I invite you to share your personal truth and bring to light past, present, and future in this telling tale of who you are and who you aspire to be. Sharing how your values align with your mission and expressing your intention in such an open and raw way has the ability to inspire others to do the same. 

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