BANDChallenge Program!!

I CANNOT believe that the first BANDChallenge that had transformed Tiffany 2.0 started late June! There has been so much internal change happening within me, but I just want to take this time to acknowledge how it all started.

From Week 1 wearing BALANCE to week 5 wearing CREATE, I was able to come out of this dark shadow of an existence and create new possibilities for myself. I was able to find the confidence within to CREATE my own definition of happiness and success, devoid of expectations from others around me. All it started was a desire to change and focus and expand my attention on one value at a time, immersing myself completely and documenting the progress along the way. 


I exhale deeply in gratitude at this special process of integration and embodiment, of experientially getting my head outside of victim consciousness, shame, blame, guilt, self loathing and indifference.

I smile now at how wonderful life is when you give direct attention to the thoughts you believe, how the alignment of you living your values can truly determine a higher quality in your life.

I lean back for dramatic effect, looking back at how these past 5 months of intuitive-desire based momentum had led me to this amazing point in my life today. #YAAAS

What we think/believe, and consequently our state of mind, is our responsibility alone. If we want to be happy and to enjoy well-being we must be willing to accept one hundred percent responsibility for ourselves. We must learn to look within our own minds for the support, peace, and acceptance we previously sought in outside circumstances
— Lynne Forrest, Beyond Victim Consciousness


I'm devoted to share the beautiful INTENTION behind living with ACCOUNTABILITY and having a SUPPORTIVE community behind self growth. 
I'm determined to change the culture of how we CONNECT and how we can strive to find our PURPOSE in our own unique and individual way.
It turns me on to help people achieve their DREAMS and fulfill their potential through these dark times of self doubt and fear.
I'm inspired to create positive change through LOVE, CONNECTION, and PLAY.  

The truth is we are all in this together. 

If you're reading this now, you've gotten this far along my rant to at least show a bit of curiosity for how this program could work for you! I encourage you to follow that desire!

Consider what it is like to invest all of yourself in a week program where the worst thing you lose is 7 days wearing an elastic band on your wrist and the best thing you gain is a higher sense of energy, fulfillment and purpose. 

It's one thing to do work. It's one thing to do it alone. It's one thing to do it in connection. This is already so difficult enough. Why not have fun with it?

Personally, I've been working on the BANDChallengeEXPRESSION which I've customized to be 7 days of dancing and posting a video on Facebook. The purpose is to be fearlessly seen and overcome my fear of public performance.
I also am posting 30 days of what I write in my journal on Instagram about topics like honesty, vulnerability, gratitude, love, and more. The purpose is to challenge myself to write more with flow and without worrying what other people think.

The point is that these daily action-oriented challenges pushes me to live my values with action and intention. I'm not only learning about setting goals and achieving them, but I'm encouraging myself to show up in the world as I truly am, seeing and knowing my own worth and what I want to say and do is worth expressing. The real me invites the real you to come out and play.

It's not just about me but about the connection that wants to happen. 

Currently, there are some badass people in Taiwan, New York, Austin, and California working on their own individual BANDChallenge(insert value here). I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE RESULTS!!

Check out the details for the BANDChallenge program here
I'm doing a coaching program to become a certified life coach. I've learned the tools and now it's time to put it in practice! I'm good. Trust me.
Sign up for weekly coaching lessons with me here and we'll discuss how we can create a custom program for you to level up in life!

If you want to participate without a reMINDmeband/coaching calls, feel free to use this free template guide to stay accountable in your own journey. Self Growth is the new sexy.

Acknowledge tiny improvements
Be gentle on yourself.
Remember, you're already on the path
And have FUN!! 

Thanks for reading,