Band Challenge: EXPRESSION

Start Date: 11/24

End Date:  12/2

In your own words, what does EXPRESSION mean to you?

Expression is how I show up in the world, as I am, in this very present moment in time. It is my inhale. It is my exhale. It is my heartbeat. It's the process of my mind showing up and me physically embodying my consciousness in a real and raw way. It's me becoming turned on and fully in connection to who I am and showing up to those around my field. 

To express means to feel electricity in my body. The spark that fuels me to ignite everything inside me. When I feel into it, I know what's real. If I don't actually feel like I want to throw up in excitement, nervousness, anxiety, trepidation, fear, joy, laughter, awe, then something inside isn't being lit up. I'm not feeling fully expressed. My energy is no longer in flow and I'm no longer feeling human. 

To express who I am fully and unconditionally is to be vulnerable. It's unfiltered. It's the second conversation underneath the layers of appropriateness and control.

Expression and surrender is the flow that manifests internally to guide all the voices inside my head and unleash the truest version of who I collectively am.

What do you wish to get out of this week?

We are all born in this world with a unique and special blueprint. Expression is my way of accessing that. By opening up to my voice, removing all the layers of conditioning and social stigma/societal expectation, I want to access my core being/my inner child/my essential self and light up the world in doing so. 

Dance, for me, is a genuine cathartic experience to show up and bear witness to who I really am by just simply being and reacting to the moment. I have fears and resistance of public performance but I know behind this fear is actually an equally as big deep desire to do so.

I hope to use EXPRESSION to show up for myself in times of funky distress and turn it into a powerful tool to release.
I hope to CHALLENGE my fear of performing and sharing myself so vulnerably.
I hope to use DANCE, something I'm passionate about, and grow from this unfolding and see what comes out of it.

I am coming in with the intention for the following week to post a video of myself dancing to a song that represents how I internally feel. I will post directly to my Facebook for 7 consecutive days.


I'll post the rest of the videos later... My weekly storage limit for Vimeo is up...

What did you learn about yourself?

Day 1- Sylvan Esso - Hey Mami
This was a fun exercise for me to get jiggly and warm up to my body. I felt good about it, like really in tune with just the physical practice of exercise.

Day 2- Elliot Moss- Slip. 
This was hot and I felt super sexy and feminine. Not something I usually default to but I know it's in there. Oh, it's in there.

Day 3- Purity Ring- Fineshrine
I felt super tired going into it. It was close to midnight and the last thing I really wanted to do was move to be honest. I realize I'm a bit hard on myself and it shows up in a lot of what I do. There's a little bit of resistance within me to post this because I didn't think it was good enough.

But I did anyway and doing that made me feel better actually. It made me feel real.

Day 4- Robyn- Dancing On My Own
I had a lot of fun with this one! My sister was watching and I was just ecstatic jumping around and using all of my body. This was a workout! Definitely noticing how dancing in the middle of the day after a good meal has an impact on my energy. 

Day 5- Major Lazer: Lean On
Feeling good and confident. This is when I actually mention about the BANDChallenge, already feeling the subtle small differences within showing up and boldly expressing what I believe in (which is this project). 

Day 6- Lana Del Ray: Young and Beautiful
Feeling soft and delicate and beautiful. Really sunk into this feeling of heartbreak, ends and new beginnings. This song captures one side of me that I don't often get a chance to reveal. SUPER good to release that.

Day 7- Kygo: Firestone
I set up a Facebook reMINDme Values Community group which got me all ecstatic and high again. Picking this song was so good to just exemplify where I'm at right now in terms of support and my purpose in life which is to light up the world.

Overall Reflection:
""My heart's alive
When they strike
We feel the love
Sparks will fly
They ignite our bones
When they strike
We light up the world!""

Overall, as the days went by, I actually looked forward to this accountability challenge and the ease of showing up in my body got easier. The actual sharing of it got less anxious and more "oh yeah, I got this" 

I was able to feel that electricity spark. I was able to feel vulnerable. I was able to slowly remove the layers away and just move to the moment, to the contact of the floor, wall, my breath and go improv all over the place! IT WAS AWESOME!

I found by being who I am invites other people to be themselves. I found a friend from San Fran coming up with her own 7 day challenge to post on her Facebook singing and playing guitar. When I said "hey!!! #BANDChallengeVOICE perhaps?" She said "Thanks, you inspired me" I remember feeling a warm tingly feeling in my heart. 

This led me to fully understand and embrace in the comfort of community. This is why I created the Facebook reMINDme Values group.

I want more of this accountability. I want more FUN. I want more light. I want more expression. I want more interaction. I want more of YOU. I want it all. 

What do you wish you could have done better?

I wish I could have done some actual marketing behind this BANDChallenge a lot sooner and got more people to do it with me as I started. But hey, I'm kind of like that. I think of something and do it right away before I freak out and decide not to do it. 

So I'll just pat myself on the back for doing it and learn for next time.

Thanks for listening and for your accountability
You guys tether me to be where I'm at.

Full speed rocking ahead, arms flailing, knees wobbling, head bobbing, hips swaying, in sync and out, my heart beats for this.


The #bandchallenge started as a personal accountability system, and has evolved into a community of people interested in documenting and sharing their personal development.

The concept is simple: wear one band (focusing your intention on that one word) for a full week, and write about your progress. You can write as often or as little as you like – there is no right approach and you should practice what works for you.

We’ve created a free template to guide you through the week. You can find it here.

The practice of living an authentic life and bringing out our essential self starts with acknowledging what we need to work on and holding ourselves accountable to that higher standard.

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