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Values Dissect with Aria Reed, Founder of HappiMethod

I found Aria Reed’s Instagram Page @happimethod just randomly browsing my feed one day. I commented on one of her many inspirational messages (MIND OVER MATTER) and soon enough we started talking through DM, and then emails back and forth. We bonded over the similarities of our background and how we had felt misunderstood growing up. We shared stories of strength and an inner knowing that we are exactly where we need to be today.

I’m greatly humbled by the universal forces of connecting with another kindred spirit who spreads the message through HappiMethod “Humans Are Not Broken” as reMINDme preaches “You Are Not Alone”

Within the underlying message lies a profound knowing that we as a collective human species are all in this together and that our Purpose is to pool our collective energy to transcend our pain into purpose, hate into love. Especially during this time.

So after Burning Man, I packed my bags and went to LA to meet the women I met on Instagram. We met at a lounge in North Hollywood and sat talking nonstop. It was around 11 PM when we realized we’ve been chatting for 9 hours straight! Looking back, it was the sort of conversation that naturally flowed into the greater picture of bigger possibilities. The belief that we can inspire humanity while we are learning what we are preaching all the same, gaining strength and support knowing that we aren’t alone along the way.

Below is the interview as Aria opens up about her beliefs and positive views for how we can all shape the reality we want to create.

Sep 27, 2016 Q&A with Aria Reed, Founder of HappiMethod @ LA

website: HappiMethod 

We’re about to start the interview when Aria takes this massive purple crystal rock out of her purse. 

T: I have to ask, what is this crystal for?

A: It’s the color of my soul expression, Amethyst.

It reminds me that We and “The Source” are one in the same expansion of great energy, not separate from it and that no matter where we go we are always home.

So this crystal reminds me, like a reMINDmevalues band, to always project the purest form of myself to the world at all times. Not only in the physical form of being human, but as well, the energy that flows through me and out into the world.

T: Wow, that sounds super grounding.

A: It is said that “You don’t just choose your crystal, you choose each other.”

When you look for a crystal, you should always go off of the immediate energy you feel when you hold it. Most people carry something with them that is quite a bit smaller in size, but when I picked this crystal up, I instantly felt a positive shift in my energy, like I could establish a clearer connection to my thoughts and more easily re-center my awareness.

It is a constant indication that I am where I am, I am who I am, and all I can do is just that; be in the moment and flow with the energy that compels me to project the story of the message I am trying to convey.

T: Super cool. It seems Energy is definitely one of your 5.

A: For sure. I am extremely sensitive to my own energy and to others around me.

Energy is not always so black and white; it’s not possible to always be positive. Happimethod was not birthed from an emotion that is simply a feeling of being happy or sad. It’s spelled “Happi” to make clear that “Happiness” is a state of mind. Happiness and what it means at an elemental, psychological level is not an emotion; it is a state of being. Ultimately, happiness is a choice.

You have to know that it’s ok to feel exactly how you’re going to feel about a situation in that very moment, whatever it is you’re going through. But at the end of the day, you always have a choice and you must strive to come back to a balance of positivity in your life.

Our experiences, whether we perceive them as being “good or bad” are simply that; experiences meant for our self-growth so that we may elevate each other on our path. Thus our pain turned into purpose, providing an elevated conscious collective of Energy, imperative in the idea of reconnecting humanity.

T: There’s power in pain. There’s power you derive from your pain that you use as energy. I love that. Let’s talk about empowerment.

A: Yes, Empowerment is definitely one of my 5. 

Empowerment for me means having the courage to share my perspective and experiences with as many people as I can possibly reach to assist in furthering the creation of an elevated awareness. The power lies within us all, but power must involve others for it to truly evolve us in this life and into our next.

I believe in reincarnation, I believe this because we are energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It may take on many forms, but it will simply never cease to exist. My focus is not to force anyone into believing exactly as I believe, what’s important is that we begin to open our minds to listening to new perspective so that we may amplify our frequency and become capable of building a more unified and meaningful life together. It takes more than one stick to create fire, but when you rub two sticks together you ignite the flame, you must keep adding sticks to keep it burning. Together we create light! 

T: I believe it. Within the whole scope of humanity, we constantly expand within ourselves to share our experiences and learn from others along the way. And it’s only when we have access of this power within, that we can truly alchemize it into something bigger among community.

A: Exactly! However, many people are so disconnected from this mentality at this time. They have become so robotic in the way that they interact, that they seem to just be going through the motions; agreeing just to fit with the opinion of the majority, instead of focusing their minds to formulate their own opinion. 

T: Let’s talk about focus then.

A: Our experiences are always reflective of the total sum of our thoughts. If we are unfocused, then we will continue to create the experiences necessary in our life that will attempt to refocus us. Our reality cannot change if we don’t change the pattern of our thoughts. With that being said, I think that FOCUS is an extremely vital value. It takes practice, but then that’s what life is for. 

T: Let’s backtrack and talk about Energy, Empower, and Focus and how it has influenced how HappiMethod has come about.

A: I feel deeply, love genuinely, and create with a passion that overflows inside of me; conjured into existence out every circumstance that I encounter. I’ll save all those adventures and nightmares for another time, but with that being said; keeping my ENERGY uplifted, maintaining a feeling of EMPOWERMENT, and staying FOCUSed has not been an easy task.

I’m not a native of Los Angeles, and have no family living here, so a solid support system is something that I’ve had to go without. It wasn’t until just a few years ago, as I was struggling to find my way through the wreckage that I began to cross paths with the people who have ultimately shifted the course of my entire life.

You know, in the fetal stages of HappiMethod, it was very difficult for me to see the power I held within. We are so quick to assume that our power comes from some external source that always seems to be just outside of our reach, which is why it’s so important that we surround ourselves with a positive group of souls that continually ground us and teach us to believe in our own abilities.

Happimethod is an infinite evolution of a lifetime body of work, everything that I have ever witnessed, believed in, and experienced has left an imprint on my soul and serves as a grander piece of the puzzle. As I, we, and our world continue to evolve, as will Happimethod.

T: So good!! It so seems like you’ve got a better sense of yourself and your Purpose! It’s only through the powerful impact of community and a positive message that you can see who you are, as you are. I love that.

A: Most definitely!

Everything that is birthed into existence is by way of this beautiful Universe. Even the seemingly randomness of our meeting and interviewing now has been aligned to project who we are in this moment into the future and to move us forward into the positive, powerful, beautiful beings of light that we are at our core. 

It’s so good to take this time to reflect and process this with you!

T: So every experience is valuable and every valuable experience is exactly what we need. 

A: For sure it is

T: At Value 3, it’s so important to take a step back and reiterate everything again. You’ll find within this process of reflection and open-ended, nonjudgmental communication, you have what it takes to access that power deep within. Through your own mental process, you are able to unveil your story and your truth of how you got to where you are. We are reinforced more and more that we are perfect where we are. We are perfect just as we are.

A: Yes. We need not be so harsh on ourselves, we must make mistakes if we are to ever learn anything. Who we are today is not who we will be tomorrow, and who we are tomorrow is not all we will ever be, every day is a new opportunity for expansion and growth. I already know that this interview and how our soul collision came about is going to leave a positive imprint in both of our lives.

T: Yes, and it’s expansive.

A: That’s why I believe our ENERGY reincarnates into other bodily forms, our body is only the physical manifestation of our vibration or frequency. The Present time is like a portal that continuously projects us into the future, it is our choice alone to decide what path we will take and what we will do with our time here in this dimension.

T: Can you explain more about Happimethod and its Purpose?

A: We are Human. “Humans Are Not Broken” is the mantra. This mantra is the beautiful example of my own transcendence from pain and Happimethod is my purpose. You are exactly where you need to be, no matter what you’re going through; it’s all a part of the lesson, the journey, and what you must experience to elevate your own awareness. 

Happimethod is meant to elevate the mindset of all human life. As you begin to realize that you are not a victim of your circumstances you set yourself free from an institution of pain, and by turning that pain into purpose you become the creator of your life.

T: When I hear “Humans Are Not Broken,” it triggers a significant time in my life when I felt super alien to my own body. I carried out this feeling of body shame for a long time. And I felt incredibly alone. It was a feeling that made me feel separated but at the same time I was able to get out of it, with the strength of my own understanding of who I am…also with the support of the right kind of people to pull me out of that dark. I love your message. And I love how it ties with the mission that I’m spreading as well, “You are Not Alone”

A: Yes! I can absolutely relate to reMINDme values message, “You Are Not Alone”

Although, I’m now extremely grateful for my adolescent years of self-inflicted isolation from those who just went along with the crowd. I honestly can’t even begin to express how much I longed to hear those words growing up. I wish I could have even met one person that made me feel like there was somewhere in this world that I truly belonged.

From within my fortress of solitude, aka my bedroom, I started to ask myself many questions and began to accumulate profound answers that were of my own minds design.

My thoughts, vision, and inspiration within HappiMethod’s limitless evolution are a collection of these questions and answers that stem from a deeper understanding of the war within us and the peace that we strive daily to make with ourselves.

I believe Socrates said it best when he proclaimed, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

I live my life by this ancient wisdom and have been fortunate enough to finally cross paths with other like-minded souls. It’s such a beautiful feeling to know that I’m no longer alone on this journey.

T: Girl, you aren’t. We’ve been able to meet knowing that we can collectively drive our Pain into Purpose, our stories are our message. Are you happy with the progression you are on right now?

A: 100%!!! Every day I gain new knowledge and insight that allows me to take a step back so that I can move forward into a higher understanding of this complex and on-going universe.

The more my mind expands, the deeper I go down into rabbit hole. I’ve recently been working on a video that we’ve created to give people a different perspective on their own reality, and to hopefully get them re-energized in a positive direction of thought! It’s called “What If” it’s up on our YouTube “Happimethod TV” and on our website now!

T: What are your hopes for those who follow HappiMethod?

A: Happimethod is meant to create a conscious network where people can discover, explore, connect, and contribute elevated content.

I hope that within this movement of light people will begin to show love for themselves and for each other. That their awareness will shift and they will awaken to the realization that we may all go through and come out of life events differently, yet in the end we are all one human race.

T: So your 4th value is Love.

A: Yes! Love… Love is such a necessary component.

T: How do you spread love?

A: Love is so much more than a feeling. Love in its purest form is an infinite expression of energy. I believe people should feel free to journey deeper into themselves without fear of judgement.

The way I spread LOVE around is by just allowing people to be comfortable being themselves. I may not be into doing the same thing as someone else, but I will never fault a person for being exactly who they are in their moment.  That’s what LOVE is all about!

T: So the way you see love is through your efforts in making people feel free in their own Soul skin.

 It seems like a cycle. I could say the exact same thing with interviewing strangers on the streets and asking them what their values are. It’s a way to help guide them, to bring the inner Soul out so they can learn something, love their journey, and give back to the world.

A: Exactly! Getting the chance to catch a glimpse of people in a raw state of expression is so sublime. You never know how you may positively impact a person’s path just by allowing them the space and energy necessary to feel comfortable enough to live their truth if only for a moment in time.

T: So far I’m feeling super elevated in energy, empowerment, focus, and love right now. What’s your last value?

A: I would have to say HAPPINESS… as Happimethod’s name derives from the foundation of this word.

As I said in the beginning, happiness is not a temporary state of emotion such as happy, sad, angry, anxious, afraid, excited, etc. It is a conscious choice to realign with a positive state of mind no matter the circumstances of your current experience. Without experience there is no growth, and without growth there is no expansion.

Like anything we are to ever become awesome at, it takes practice; so when we start to feel the chaos of life we must learn that it’s okay to go through these emotions.

A simple mental image I use to help me to visualize and implement this practice is to imagine that I’m sitting on a bench just watching all of the cars as they pass by, acknowledging their presence but not getting in to go along for the ride. When we learn to only observe our emotions, allowing them to flow through us instead of negatively entangling us, it becomes easier to bring our awareness back into the balance of HAPPINESS.

T: AWESOME! Any last words? Do you have a better understanding of a greater Purpose than you had before?

A: I’m undeniably at a place in my life where I feel a heightened sense of awareness of who I am and of my purpose here on this planet. We are living in a time where people are restless and refusing to remain in the dark. They are waking up and they are seeking the light, they have found the key, now all they need to find is the lock.

My advice to them is to no longer seek outward, but rather to look inward and to ask themselves one question every day of their life… “Am I living for me?”

"The feeling of empowerment is not something we're born with, it is something we are taught. 
Depending upon those teachings, it will either manifest in the form of a self entitled sense of authority or blossom into a much deeper confidence within us.

For me, I feel "EMPOWER"ed when I'm able to reflect on my journey and come to a deeper understanding of who I am in the moment. Through art I've found a way to channel these personal epiphanies and share them with others, in hope that all who stumble upon it can gain access to new perspective and become even more elevated on their own path." @happimethod

After a LOVELY transmission/interview with the heartfelt Aria Reed, we thought of ways to collaborate even further. A Giveaway sweepstakes was on our bucket list of things to do together to further build community.

I only stayed in LA for that one night and went about my way to travel to the Philippines the next day. After one month, Aria already gets the ball in motion with an awesome video about our sweepstakes! Energy and empowerment was definitely in motion!



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