Q&A with Zona from InBetween International

For those who aspire, there is a moment where we are all caught “in-between”.  It is a momentary state where we reflect who we are now and who we continue to strive to be. While we all have our own journey to take, it doesn’t have to necessarily be trekked all alone. At InBetween, Kaohsiung's first real coworking space, their motto is to “connect dreams with achievements.” I set out on a mission to discover exactly how they propose to do this.

What is the key to helping those achieve their dreams?  

The following is a Q and A interview between me and Zona Tsou, co-founder at InBetween, past co-founder of Becoming, hopeless romantic, daydreamer and poet.   

T: So Zona, I love the name “InBetween! Tell me what the idea behind the name is?

Z:  For some, being “inbetween” means uncertainty, unable to choose one side, but I’ve always liked to think about the idea of being “inbetween” as an opportunity to choose something different, make change, or move forward.  

Actually I believe we are all “in-between” something or another: in between ideas, in between jobs, in between relationships, or in between any number of things in their lives.  So for us, the goal of “InBetween” is to hold the space for people who are “in-between” to embark on a journey together and offer multiple ways for this community to move beyond their current state of being.   

T:  Can you think of 5 Core Values for InBetween?

Z: (momentary pause, looking up, fingers on chin—such a dreamer!)

I’d have to say…CONNECT, CROSS-CULTURE, COLLABORATE, CREATE, COEXIST. The most important is Connect.

T: Awesome C's! What does InBetween offer that other coworking spaces don’t?

Z: “InBetween” is not just another coworking space; what we would like to create is a community where we can actually help each other connect dreams to achievements.  In between dreams and achievement, there’s room for learning and growing.  So we offer both professional development and personal growth workshops. In fact, personal growth and professional development are oftentimes different sides of the same coin. So we design our space the way it is, with wood floor for dance and meditation, and open space for coworking and professional workshop. We believe real growth does not segment itself, nor does InBetween.  Actually, I guess that’s why people have a hard time pinpointing us, since we do offer “everything inbetween”!  

We are an incubation center for collaboration and creative experiments to begin and take place. Our cross-cultural workshops allow our community to thrive and develop their personal interests that tie into their professional skills in creative and nontraditional ways. For example, we offer swing dancing classes and this is proven to build confidence and allow easy connection among other members of the community. 

T: How have connections been made?

Z: We found that many people with the same values, skills, and dreams easily make connections at InBetween. Our Taiwanese front end developer met a Slovakian web designer working in coworking space. They are now collaborating and working together in their own business. We also encourage our members to grow and develop their skills and share with the community. For example, one of our members is a very talented infographic illustrator. She volunteered to work with us and her art form gained traction and respect really quickly. Now she works toward moving from just infographics to Graphic Facilitation.  We look to have people innovate their craft to move beyond the surface.

Actually, there are many ways to encourage growth and we believe our space is the best for people to form meaningful relationships. Our workshops hold our students together and draws open debates for discussion. There was even a couple who connected deeper at one of the workshops (Cross-Cultural Workshop: Dating 101: The differences between how the West and the East date). The boy confessed his strong admiration for the girl and now they are together!

T: Wow! I see the 5 C Value system is definitely being represented! Now that I understand WHAT makes InBetween function and flow as a community, I want to understand WHY. WHY do YOU believe connection is important?

Z: I can probably best sum with this quote by John Lennon

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

T: Beautifully said. Last question for you. WHAT is your dream? What do YOU personally hope for the community at InBetween? And WHY is it so important for you. Oh sorry, that was 3 questions wasn’t it? haha…

Z: (smiles wide and nods ever so gracefully)

My dream is to see everyone at InBetween become independent thinkers and take action to graduate from dreamers to become DO’ers. With all of the informative cross-cultural training and professional development workshops we offer (Branding, Presentation and Speech, Language training), I want everyone to take the lead and run with it. I want everyone to be free, to feel passionate about what they are doing, and to ultimately give back to Taiwan. The most important thing is to become an independent thinker and chase your dreams with purpose.

Why is this important to me? For Taiwan to become great and differentiate itself globally, we need to believe in the talent of the youth. More than that, the youth need to believe in themselves.  Innovation starts with the individual.

I fully support InBetween’s mission and value system.  For Taiwan to innovate, we must start with the individual. For individuals to grow, we must nurture the community. Personal growth and professional development go hand in hand. Values such as collaboration and connection are integral to be woven into the structure of a coworking space in order to nurture growth among individuals and the overall community. JIA YOU! 加油台灣!!!!

Thank you Zona for your time. Thank you InBetween for your positive mission in spurring creativity, innovation, and collaboration. GOOD LUCK!

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Arm in arm, we're like two peas in a pod!

Arm in arm, we're like two peas in a pod!

DREAM, HONESTY, SELF LOVE, CREATION Sets available now at InBetween!

DREAM, HONESTY, SELF LOVE, CREATION Sets available now at InBetween!

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