When it all boils down, it’s about embracing each others’ stories and maybe even finding that synergy to collaborate for the common good.
— Dhani Jones

Last week was intense. Exhausting, but in a good way, kind of like how runner's high feels for the mind and body. I had been in Hong Kong, chasing after minibuses, dodging crazy taxi drivers and “get out of my way” pedestrians, walking up and down steep hills and escalators, navigating HK streets to make it to morning conferences, potential business meetings, and evening social dinner/networking functions. Also the past 4 days in Taiwan reconnecting with people I met during my first week back and establishing next steps.  

It's been awhile since I've done that work hard-play hard(er) thing in such a huge and condensed fast-paced city. The mind is constantly drilled for overdrive and “what’s next?” I’m currently in Kaohsiung now, south Taiwan, and am relieved to have a couple of days of rest/recovery/reflection time.

So I had kicked off COLLABORATE in conjunction with LEARN on DAY 2 of attending the RISE conference. 

RISE Conference was an amazing experience in itself just to get back on track with what the world was up to. Here are dreamers, thinkers, do'ers, from all stages of their startup, pitching and talking to future VCs/clients/partners how innovative their solution is and relevant to a growing need in their market. There's aggressive networking and then comes the name card exchange. As an attendee, I got asked "so what is it that you do?" which I'd reply "i'm in-between at the moment." Eyes would raise like ohhh and then I'd get the hushed whisper "this is the best time of your life!" with empathetic wink. I’m beginning to understand the value of exploring options and cherishing any opportunity to learn. It was nice to feel no judgment for being (fun)employed.

PITCH STAGE! Watcha got??

PITCH STAGE! Watcha got??

Here is my RISE CONFERENCE RECAP on GoogleDocs. You don’t have to be a tech fanatic to get some value out of this. It includes notes I took from the SPEAKER SERIES, inspirational QUOTES from founders of startups small turned big, also a compilation of new startups in ALPHA/BETA from around the world.

While LEARN eased into COLLABORATE, it seemed like a seamless transition. I had already learned that I value relationships in my life and as I was already starting to meet with like-minded people, synergy was organically happening. Stories were being shared and vibes were positively high !

To COLLABORATE certainly gives me a reason to take in and give as much as I can while constantly LEARNING and staying BALANCED as values align with other peers. (Did you see what I did there? It's all coming together...) 

So let's recap! 

Headed to the PITCH stage to see what's going on! (I'm clearly the eccentric..)

Headed to the PITCH stage to see what's going on! (I'm clearly the eccentric..)

PROBLEM:Again, still taking in BANDAMBASSADORS or volunteers to also join in on this pretty interesting challenge of accountability….

If you’re interested in #COLLABORATE, please answer the following questions

1.      What does “COLLABORATE”  mean for you?
2.      How do you plan on opening yourself up for future collaboration?

After one week of living your words through action, please take a moment to reflect and answer

3.      How have you lived up to the word "Collaborate"
4.      What are you trying to manifest now?

Share your story and email





According to Wikipedia, “Collaboration is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to realize shared goals. Collaboration is very similar to cooperation, and both are an opposite of competition. Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources.”

TIFF: For me to “collaborate” means to connect, explore, and create something new from a "ME" to "WE" perspective. It’s a process where you can take people of different backgrounds (knowledge/experience/resources) and unite them with a common goal and mission. “What can we do together as a collective whole leveraging ALL OF THE THINGS we have independently to offer.” It is through this hashing out of ideas where new ideas are generated and explored. Collaboration is not a single event but a process that continues and improves over time with communication, feedback, and follow through being key. I believe the stronger the message or the shared vision is then the higher chance collaboration with multiple parties can successfully run through the steps of initial spark encounter “hey, I like how you do xyz! I do zyx!” to brainstorm session “what can we do together?” to creation "WOW, WE DID IT! We made YXZ happen!” (hopefully not a baby lolz). 



Generally, my approach is to be open to all the interesting potential possibilities that align with my interests, to share myself and what I’m about, find my following and tribe, organize the chaos of my mind with the help of online tools/messaging platforms and feed into the accountability that comes along with future partnerships.

When talking to people, I find the power of straight up honesty and sharing my vulnerabilities first evokes more authentic conversations. Don't come in with a hidden agenda. You get to where you need to go real fast when you cut the bullshit, be humble and direct, follow your natural passion and gravitate towards what resonates with you. For those who don't get it, no need to waste time and energy. For those who light up when you light up, those are the people you can count on and feel nourished with. Mutually symbiotic relationships yo. 

These are my steps to open up for future possibilities with people that share resonance.


Share your story and background. What you did before, what you are doing now, what you potentially want to do. Be real, open up and be engaged. If you have an idea, share it with whoever will listen- old friends, new friends, coworkers, family, doesn’t matter. Go to where the people are and ask yourself before you begin any dialogue: “What are you about?” “Why does this matter to you?” This is the start of forming interpersonal connections and allows you to recount your personal experiences in a more impactful way while allowing others to follow suit and identify their own aspirations as well. If synergy happens, then high fives and hugs follow after! (Yes, skip the whole formal handshake and go for that "we're going to do this!" hug!)


After the initial exciting “Lets do shit together!” rant, visualize the idea in action from beginning to your “ideal” end, while being open to the possibility that anything can change. Whether you are an auditory/kinesthetic learner, visuals are still a great facilitator to aid strategic thinking and planning. Think white boards, mind maps, doodles sketched on a napkin. Use online collaborative tools like MuralTrello, or Wrike. Maintain clarity of thought and dictate next steps, get it down on paper before you all lose it and it dissipates away with the exciting chaos that also consequently comes out of creativity and genuine passion.


While excitement is appreciated, it becomes lost in a black hole when nothing set in stone (time and place of next meet-up) is established. It’s like seeing an old college friend at a bar and saying “OMG, let’s totally catch up” and then totally not. Don't be a fake. Establish next steps. When are we going to physically meet next? If working remotely, there are a ton of messaging platforms collaborative tools available online to streamline the communication and project management process. Identify individual tasks, problems, and solutions. Stay connected and communicate consistently.


Take a moment and think about the people you've met and the conversations you've had. It could be an initial encounter that manifested organically into a second meet-up with definitive next steps to follow or it could just be a Facebook messenger chat saying "great meeting you, let's keep in touch." Keep in mind that collaboration is a process. Whatever stage you are at, you can either stay at the status quo and let the fire die out on its own or ignite the initial spark all over again. It starts with you. 

And now for my shameless plugs #verbalvombombs reflection time. 



Striking conversation with mindfulness/storytelling startups from RISE, exchanging contact information

  • Resonance with Glen, Founder of Dotted Story (A platform that is designed to collect and organize special moments captured via photo and help families remember, reflect, and review those defining moments to crystallize into a memory- I like to call it the “Anti-Snapchat” putting context into a raw moment in time.

    o   Currently providing feedback/insight/troubleshooting help via Whatsapp/SKYPE while getting insider glimpse of startup status in beta

Dotted Story is known to crystallize moments adding context and reactions with those involved. Imagine using this as you are starting your family. Being able to document the process of your child and then your child having access to your recollection of those memories. Pretty amazing and mindful.

Dotted Story is known to crystallize moments adding context and reactions with those involved. Imagine using this as you are starting your family. Being able to document the process of your child and then your child having access to your recollection of those memories. Pretty amazing and mindful.

Sharing my story of how reMINDmebands manifested as I struggled with my identity from my scarring transformative near-amputation experience and how I use it today as a visual accountability system to keep pushing forward while promoting mindful living. (It's been so long since I relived that time period. I'm so happy to have grown from it and can speak with such clarity of the struggle and how I've overcome it)

  • Resonance with interesting and eclectic friends of friends in Hong Kong who share values for building community built on authenticity and expression
    • Met Kimberly astrologist-entrepreneur, founder of (amazing resource which intersects astrology, fashion, and beauty) on a party boat and instantly connected. The next day we met for coffee and I was ecstatic/blessed to receive my first personal comprehensive astrological natal chart reading. Passionate, intuitive, witty "go-getter", she's super great at what she does and I hold her art with great deep respect.
      • I had gifted her INTEGRITY. After palpable excitement for what the future holds, we shifted to talks about creating a jewelry line together which personally ties in astrology and fashion. Followup with next steps with sample development/sourcing materials to follow through after mood board is created. 

    •  Met Pancham, dancer, fashion and design guru at a friend's birthday dinner and we made plans for breakfast and conversation. She's super sharp, enthusiastic, and passionate about fashion and design with impact. Her idea is to travel around the world to represent aboriginal ethnic tribes and write about their story while promoting their art in her blog/shop. First stop is in Taiwan. If anybody else is interested in helping her with her project, hit me up! 

      •  Resonance with community organizations in Taiwan that focus on creativity, collaboration, mindfulness as tools to build on self-improvement

    • Met Sam, one of the directors from PeaceStreet Community (a space in Taipei that promotes love, creativity, open-mindedness, acceptance, health, spirituality, self expression) at RedRoom a week or so again and met up over beers and conversation Thursday night. Super chill Kiwi graphic designer with a positive attitude for life and expression.

      • I gifted him BREATHE and GRATITUDE. He is pitching reMINDmebands mindfulness project to his network as well as other potential areas for merchandise production with design value/meaning. I intend on following through or at least attending a yoga session within PSC. 

    • Met EJ, passionate maker of bespoke shoes and Founder of ACID LAB (recently launched coworking Makerspace in Muzha, Taipei) through Sam. Really humble dude, good vibes and balance between work and play. Really cool shoes too...

      • I gifted him PASSION. Follow up to visit ACID LAB next Tuesday to learn more about handcraft design and areas for cross-promotion.

    • Zona, Co-Founder of InBetween (Coworking space in Kaohsiung that also offers cross-cultural, language, presentation, branding workshops and training to its members). We met at Becoming two years ago and clicked. Hopeless romantic poet expressive kindred spirit whom I admire for working towards driving innovation within Taiwan, starting from the approach to educate and nourish the individual first. Individual -> Community -> City -> Country

      • I had gifted her BALANCE and InBetween the DREAM set. We spoke briefly and I was excited to hear she included reMINDmebands as part of her proposal to Pier 2 Art Center. I intend to visit InBetween tomorrow and talk more in depth about community building tools. 

    • Cordelia,  Founder of Project0.1 (Coworking space/coffee shop that launched this month in Shilin, Taipei. Fellow New Yorker who moved to Taiwan 2 years ago and create something for herself to stay more grounded. The space provides freelancers to connect and participate in side projects, so ideal for collaboration. Also includes Peloton bike/showers/lockers. Did I mention there's an app? 

      • Via Facebook message, she gave me permission to use her amazing space for events I would be interested in throwing (Storytelling / NextGen interest group). I'm going to have to pay Project0.1 a visit sometime next week to hash details out!

    • Inggrid, co-founder of CreateMyPath (goal journal that helps turn dreams into reality through its system of segmenting your journey into 30 day periods of time) reached out. We had met at Women's Start Up Lab two weeks ago and kept in touch.

      • I met her last night and she's interested in using reMINDmebands as bookmarks for her journals! We are collaborating to build a community of people who can use our mindfulness and goal-setting metrics to grow! Follow through this coming Wednesday to discuss next steps.

Me and Sarah (avid horoscope/astrology learner) with Kimberly from going over natal charts and squealing over an exciting year ahead! #integrity

Me and Sarah (avid horoscope/astrology learner) with Kimberly from going over natal charts and squealing over an exciting year ahead! #integrity

Hanging out at InBetween International- coworking space that connects dreams and goals! It starts with YOU! #dream

Hanging out at InBetween International- coworking space that connects dreams and goals! It starts with YOU! #dream

Inggrid and I in our first collaboration meeting talking about future partnership with reMINdmebands and My Path Journal! #collaboration #coexist

Inggrid and I in our first collaboration meeting talking about future partnership with reMINdmebands and My Path Journal! #collaboration #coexist

Sharing my story of living in China working for the family business in manufacturing, soulfully drained for 2 years to the point of breakdown. Shared my Letter of Resignation as follow-up and additional resonance. (It’s been 3 weeks since I left my family business behind and there are slight pangs of guilt for what I left behind. A part of me still wants to make it work if I can, so long as I can do it on my terms.)

  • Resonance with 2nd generation entrepreneurs based in HK
    • Clarence leveraged his family business resources and found a way to pave his own path, created his own business (Data Exchange- Bangladesh's leading Outsourcing Provider). He's a thinker, do'er, and connector. With great empathy and patience he is guiding me out of the dark. We are now in deep brainstorm session with Elaine (CEO of Kaizor Innovation, expert on UX and China business relations) on how we can create a community/accelerator for 2nd gen young entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. I am extremely grateful for their support and mentorship during this process on getting things done. Currently following through with Lean Canvas Brainstorming via Mural. I intend on following through by finding people who are interested and connecting the dots. 


After spending one week in collaboration/networking mode of accumulating resonance, perhaps you have a clearer idea of what you stand for. What are the next steps then? Can you articulate what drives you forward? If you had a platform (like this blog for example) and you need to do a public announcement, what would you say? What message do you want to leave behind?



In the theme of COLLABORATE, I would really like other people to think about their own 5 step BANDCHALLENGE program here. I'm super interested and curious to see other people's personal values and how they aspire to live according to their values step-by-step. 

For example, my process coming specifically out of a dark repressed state of mind and hopefully into the light of "creativity" will be: 


I'll tell you now while I'm currently blazing this trail, that it is scary but deeply insightful and life-affirming to recount all the happenings in one week. Things happen when you are mindful and present to just living according to one goal/value/reminder at a time. 

There are other formulas out there that apply specifically for other people in whatever circumstances they are. Please share yours and your journey along the way!!! 


reMINDme Values RECRUITING !!!

So here is the thing. I have many strengths and a lot of weaknesses (one of them being is I'm too stubborn to ask for help). The truth is I know there are people who are just a lot better at a lot of things than I am. I need a team because I'm human and I can't carry on my dream/passion project alone. 

Branding/marketing/social media : I need passionate people who can go around taking pictures and spread the message of living via #wordswithaction. I need community builders who can come up with ideas to tie in BANDCHALLENGE so its not just me ranting and raving. 

Product design: I need creative innovative thinkers to come up with new concepts and designs for mindful wear that are not just elastic ties. I have the production network for fast fashion accessories (think bags/totes/hair accessories/jewelry/hats). Want to collaborate and put your design skills to the test? Let's go. 

User experience/Web Designer: I want community building tools built into this website. Ideally, I want something that allows members to log in and create a profile and access other community members-sharing value systems and linking up as accountability partners. 

Anyway, I'm open to new ideas to make this a more enriching experience and a movement we can all grow from. LET'S MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

Email me at if you're interested in starting something meaningful and impactful.


Are you a 2nd generation young entrepreneur involved in your family business that is struggling with culture clash right now? Did you go from informational age back to industrial age? Is it confusing for you to navigate the blurry lines between personal and professional life (passive aggressive fights with father and siblings)? Are you keeping yourself in the dark? Anxious, possibly in shame for not figuring out how best to change a dying business model? 

Taking this excerpt from Elaine in her wonderful post about mastering east and west in today's global landscape.

"How many of your friends are in families in manufacturing of garment, eyewear, jewelry, watches, toys with sons and daughters who studied or worked abroad in industries of finance, law, technology and design etc.? Why would anyone want their kids graduating from degrees of computer science/bio tech/big data/design (Information/Digital Age) to go back to work in sunset industries of the manufacturing (Industrial Age) other than some old concepts of 'family name succession' knowing that it is neither your kid's passion nor the industry's future.

Perhaps a better way is to let the new integrate with and reinvent the old, disrupting traditional industries bringing a new way forward?"

PROBLEM: Family businesses are diminishing with less than 30% success rate going into the second generation. 2nd gens who have gone to prestigious universities come back (to Asia) and have a hard time finding what they do to be "sexy." 

SOLUTION: Get a bunch of 2nd gens together and incubate ideas, bring complementary skills, and talk about the dynamic capabilities. Leverage the decades of guanxi and access with the intention of bringing something new to market. Pool in successful examples of 2nd gen who have pivoted and ask them to be mentors. Start an incubator/accelerator and see what happens.

How can we collectively solve our problems together, tying in all the relationships, capabilities, and know-how we have?  How can we explore our skills and find synergy to invest in something that aligns to our own personal interests? 

In my ideal scenario:

My family business has access to production and supply/distribution channels from China and has been in manufacturing for fashion accessories for 30 years. If I could connect with someone in tech and iOT, we could cross-pollinate and create fashion Smart Wearables, totally cool and relevant and pertinent to today's industry. 

What we offer

We offer an accelerator program for the next generation who will become leaders of family businesses, to kick-start projects, leveraging the collective resource of participants, and bring investors to bring ideas to reality and to market.

Who we are looking for

"Next generation" with family businesses in manufacturing, distribution, or retail. Next generation who have experience and background with both the family business and other fields design, (banking, consulting, legal, hardware, software) are preferred.

What we offer

Team of specialists in design, hardware, software, startups, family businesses, and innovation, and each other.

What do I need to do to apply?

Complete application form, and willing to split the bill for the program.

If you know anyone who's interested, please message me

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much
— Helen Keller

Well, there it is. A lot can be done in one week. Establishing connections is the first step and understanding how people learn/lead/work together is just as important in laying the foundation. The actual hard work + follow through is a whole new game. Collaboration isn’t a one step thing. It’s a process. But anyway, this is just what I'm learning as I'm doing. I'm just sharing the journey along the way. 

I also am very wary of the  "you can do anything, but not everything" mantra and as I'm reflecting right now over my propensity to be scattered and "all over the place," I'll just adapt my BANDCHALLENGE to accommodate for that.

Quite naturally, I believe the next BANDCHALLENGE for me is FOCUS.

A lot of interests but I'm hoping to tie it all to one theme. This is what I care about right now. If I put enough focus and energy into this one thing at one time, shit will happen. If it doesn't, then I refine, adapt, and move forward. <-- already thinking about my next 5 step program....



If you would like to join me on this journey, please consider the preliminary questions

  1. What does "FOCUS" mean to you?
  2. What usually distracts you from focusing?
  3. What do you intend to do to maintain focus?
  4. How have you lived up to this word "FOCUS" after one week?

I'd love for you to share. Who knows what could happen!?

Gratefully yours,



Communicate to collaborate. Start by listening. Listen with apt attention instead of waiting for your turn to speak. Question to deter confirmation bias as everything you hear is subjective and relative. Think about what truly matters and separate truth from story. Debate and challenge preconceived notions and then counter with your insights. Collaborate to create the possibility for a conversation to turn into a space of growth and new ideas.