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Values Dissect with Natalie from OneTaste

As human beings, we all have a fundamental need for connection. 

Regardless of whether or not we are aware, we all suffer from a bit of internal noise, fears, and pent up frustration that perhaps we aren’t living our lives to our fullest potential.

What if there was a practice out there that allowed you to achieve internal mastery within while also solving our human need for connection? What would that look like?

Out of my relentless spirit “to figure myself out,” to dive into the messy dark pit of my consciousness, I found OneTaste. Within the process of healing and removing my internal noise of shame, guilt, anxiety, non-deserving, I found the power of curiosity, exploration, sensation, and desire. Orgasmic Meditation may be a trigger word for a lot of people but for me at this present moment, there’s a whole lot I’d like to uncover and share. 

Before you check out the following Q&A with Intro to OM OneTaste Coach Natalie Thiel, I ask you to consider the following.

Allow yourself to be curious and vulnerable. Allow yourself permission to explore, without judgement. Allow yourself to listen to your feminine and masculine, your light and dark. Allow yourself to seek out your underlying desire and think of the potential that awaits on the other side. 

July 18, 2016 @ OneTaste SF Center

T: Hey Natalie! Let’s start with this. What are the 5 Core Values behind OneTaste and the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM)?


1. Desire - The inner knowing, the draw to what you want. In our society, we are taught to ignore and shun desire. At OM, we place desire as our strongest voice. Desire is the compass that if we follow, it can lead to our inner knowing. 

2. Connection- We are all wired for connection to other human beings. There’s a lot of structures and systems in place today to disconnect. OneTaste and OM is bringing us back to the most essential need. 

3. Community- We can’t do it alone. We need other people around us and this is more than just a romantic partner or family. Community is where we can learn to open and grow in the eyes of many people. The foundation for a lot of this work is based on community.

4. Healing- Acknowledging challenging experiences  (Shame, guilt, darkness, hurt) and finding power through it.

5. Awakening- Bringing consciousness to areas unknown and repressed (sexuality, shadow, challenging emotions, darkness). Bringing those to the light can increase our awakening and desire.  

T: What is the mission of OneTaste?

N: To bring Orgasmic Meditation to a billion people. In so doing, creating a world in which desire and connection becomes a forethought rather than an afterthought. Community is a standard rather than a side note. Healing is possible for the greatest awakening.   

T: Why do people see desire and connection as an afterthought?

N: There are thick stacks of conditioning that we are all dealt through experience and families. There are structures that emphasize disconnection.

Desire has been villanized to a certain sense. Desire is nonlinear and doesn’t follow in a straight line so in most cases, it isn’t the most productive. Desire is a destabilizing ego-destroying force.   

Desire is getting into alignment of what you want. It’s less about forcing my will onto other people because I want it. I’m talking about listening to the deeper thing of what is needed and going for it even if it doesn’t make any sense.

T: Hmm..Can you give me an example?

N: Let’s say you’re trying to run a business and the product isn’t selling. Everyone is stressed out and panicked about it. If you can’t sell product, the business will go under. The productive thing to do would be to put more effort and try even harder.  

But someone has the desire to go for a walk, get ice cream. Woah, something ridiculous right? But the whole team goes to the beach anyway. They panic and then their nerves relax enough so that someone thinks of something miraculous and it changes the whole game. It changes their outlook because they were able to tap into something deep within.

Desire doesn’t make any sense, but it can actually lead to more fulfillment.

T: Sounds like a plot for a movie! Okay, I can see why desire is important for sure. So how do we put that into practice? What exactly is Orgasmic Meditation?

OM is a partnered consciousness practice. 2 people get together and agree to get an OM. The woman undresses from the waist down and the stroker (man/woman) lightly strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel and be present.

So theres a few things about this practice I think are key. One is that it dives into the realm of sexuality which is a very chaotic and dark place. And I say that because many of us hold A LOT in our sexuality, from our history, conditioning, childhood experiences. There’s a lot of teaching on how to be conscious there. 

And so I like to think, if you can bring consciousness and stay present in the realm of sexuality, you can stay conscious anywhere. 

OM is a partnered practice which means you need at least one other person. And by extension, a community. A whole group of people coming together and deciding to be connected. I see it bridge gaps between just wildly different groups of people. People who would never be friends suddenly have a very basic human connection with each other. 

T: LOVE it! Can you give me a few examples of people using OM to heal?

N: Through the practice of OM, I healed from a painful and very challenging relationship that I’ve suffered for years. And I was finally able to come away peacefully. I see people heal from deep rooted sexual trauma. I see marriages between people who haven’t touched each other in 10-15 years suddenly become reconnected and reunited. And I’ve also seen people heal from medical issues. Either directly related to genitals to anxiety. We even had a doctor recommend a woman with MS come in and learn the practice of OM. There’s a man with polio who was able to heal and finally feel sensation within his body.

T: So what about consciousness within this meditation practice? What are some concrete ways that people are increasing their consciousness and specific examples?

N: It brings a greater awareness to the body. And the body feels a lot of crazy things. When you can feel the body, it gives you a lot of information and what your desires are. So for both man and woman, they become more in tune with their intuition and the amount of attention you can put out on other people. Like there is a sensitivity to others that gets honed.

And then when you have a sensitivity like that to other people, the gunk that gets in the way of connecting to another person starts to fall away. And then man and woman start to understand each other more. There’s not as much residue standing between them. And by extension, their families and colleagues and all relationships start to become more connected. That is the beginning to healing your shame, trauma, and all that comes with it. 

Suddenly you start to build consciousness in areas that there wasn’t before. You aren’t just raging randomly at your coworkers. You can actually have an awareness of what got triggered inside you before turning into that monster.

I see couples who used to just sling blame at each other back and forth and are incapable of mending their relationship. Suddenly, they can feel the other person and own up to their part and find a connection.   

And this is all from 15 minutes of stating what you want and feeling comfortable and worthy to receive it.

T: I see understanding both feminine and masculine is important within this practice. OM is able to break down the barriers and get deep into raw connection, communication and consciousness within community. Amazing! Can you tell me more about this eye-opening awakening?

N: At the end of an OM, you share a frame of the experience. “This is the moment where i felt something in my body” and that awareness increases over time so you can feel more and more and be aware of more and more. Both partners in the OM practice share this experience and are able to tap into their deepest desire without all of the conditioning that sex brings into it. Sexuality is a very powerful thing and can fuel every aspect of a person’s life- relationship, business, connection. You master this, you can master your life. 

Natalie Thiel has been a coach for more than 8 years at OneTaste. She is happily married with 3 kids and her partner Paul. They reside in a beautiful house in San Francisco. Together, they both tackle and teach Intro to OM bringing OOH and AAH’s daily into the loins and lives of hundreds of people from the Bay.

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"Connection is important to me because it is what we are wired for, it's how we thrive as people. If I am disconnected then the simplest things can feel tormenting and if I am connected there is flow!

"Connection is important to me because it is what we are wired for, it's how we thrive as people. If I am disconnected then the simplest things can feel tormenting and if I am connected there is flow!

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I invite you to share your personal truth and bring to light past, present, and future in this telling tale of who you are and who you aspire to be. Sharing how your values align with your mission and expressing your intention in such an open and raw way has the ability to inspire others to do the same. 

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