What do I mean by trust? Trust in myself. In other people. In the universe.

We may be able to have trust in our gut but that doesn't necessarily mean we follow it.
"I don't know what I want. Nothing ever works out for me"

We may be able to have trust in other people, but even then, that one time can blow that all away.
"I hate people, they don't get me. Because of xyz..."

We may be able to have trust in the universe, but then most of the time we just think how much the world has got against us rather than for us. 
"I have the worst luck in the world, I blame xyz and my upbringing"

Nothing works out in my favor. I'm just not one of those people that have fairy tale endings.

So why do I start with Trust? 

It's interesting really, I started reMINDme Values as a self-healing project for myself. To get out of my hamster wheel self-fulfilling world of internal dialogue "this is the way it is, this is the way it has been" and just to have a platform to write and focus about one thing at one time. To realign my purpose, my self, my personality based on my values that I hold to be true (at one point in time) in my life. To be conscious and mindful of my own intentions and the impact I have with other people that surround me. 

I had created these bands that come in themed sets of whatever I was going through in life. Truthfully, I just wanted something to stay accountable for my life. Everything I held about what I knew about the world was so close to slip away. The only thing I could grip onto was my perception of reality and who I was and who I aspire to be.

To write down my goals and values is one thing, to see it on my self and wear it with the goal for mindful intention and action is something else entirely.

Intention comes with experience and building trust and relationships. What we go through as human beings evolve with the amount of experience we have as we step up to the playground of life. The values we have constantly evolve. How these align with our purpose in life is related to how self aware we are to the expansiveness of our mind and our capacity to hold and receive.

We can have whatever we want. Changing the world and the circumstances that revolve around our lives is impossible without starting from changing ourselves first from within.

This is the sort of stuff I read about and wanted to experience on my own. Like seriously, how would you go about doing that? How do you live your life like a cliched quote? 

Don't give me this "we can find our truest potential" without showing us the how. That's something I'd probably say and I can imagine many of you guys who read this could probably wonder the same. 

Well, that's what my own personal intention is right now. 

The last post I had written about was with desire and my wantingness to understand where that stems from and what that looks like. It was only the beginning once I knew that I was hungry for something more, that I wasn't satisfied with just standing in the sidelines and not showing up...not asking for the things that I thought I didn't deserve. 

It started with me reclaiming my own self again and seeing what manifests.

Right now, I desire nothing more than to trust more in myself, trust in myself with other people, trust people with my self,  trust that the universe is good and that we, as collective human beings, can have everything we need to pave our own way and find light.

I want to believe there is more good than bad. I want to live in a world where everyone wins.

MISSION: I want to prove that TRUST (in oneself/people/universe) is crucial in DISCOVERING your real INTENTION and figuring out how to best live out your PURPOSE.


Be your real self, so the universe can find you.
— Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

So that was where I was and for the past 3 weeks. I think back about the progression of where ReMINDme Values has been on instagram and right now I'd like to give a personal shout-out to all of the special people I've met along my journey.

This is my journey towards understanding our collective humanity and sharing stories along the way. This is my journey towards understanding where I fit in and my own understanding of my cultural identity. 

I want to share one experience and how it shaped my understanding of trust within myself and how loving out/showing up had paved the way to where I currently am typing away....

I was in Bryant Park, New York a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to challenge myself to speak to a stranger. My first stranger in New York. Something came up for me as a "I need to challenge myself to see where this could go" and I went for it.

I was already coming in with the theory that East-Coasters are infinitely harder to penetrate with this whole airy "what are your values" exercise. But I didn't want this theory to stop me from what I was doing and the momentum I had gained back in San Francisco.

When I asked "What are your 5 values," to strangers/old friends in New Jersey, I actually did get a lot of initial push-back. "Nobody's ever asked that of my before." "I'm going to need a second or two to think about this." "This is super personal...I don't know." There's a tint of shame of not knowing right away and also a hint of unwillingness to express their vulnerability in front of me right away. 

I sense that. And with permission, I share them my story of how I got to my 5 Core Values (this will have to be another blog entry in itself) and suddenly things come up for them. Values show up in different ways. It's always been there. That's the beauty of the subconscious finally revealing its true colors. Finally someone, a complete stranger, is listening. 

And shit, it feels good to finally talk....

There is soul within us all! We just need to stop our busy zombie lives of routine and take a moment to have a real raw conversation to discover it!

So back to Bryant Park NYC.

I made one whole lap around and let my intuition guide me. I found this one girl sitting down by herself and my heart just said "yes, this is the one." She looked as if she wasn't really concentrating and reading her Kindle anyway. 

I was one seat apart from her, looking straight forward, and gave myself the mental countdown. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 

"Hey, this is my 2nd day in NYC...(smile)...would it be okay if we had a conversation?" 

"Hey! This is my first day in NYC! I would love to have a conversation."

Conversation ensues and the tension and tumescence drifted away. I find out she's from Australia. She's 21 years old. Traveling by herself before heading to North Carolina to study law. We go through a Values Dissect and it was such a super organic experience. Swapping stories of shared values and present/future plans and all. 

When I showed her my reMINDmebands, she picked up Voice and then shared with me something personal. She told me she had a speech impediment growing up. Along with her values of strong courage and persistence, I find it incredible inspiring how she had worked on herself and is now literally using her voice to stand up for those who have none as her future profession.

I am healing. I am inspired. I share immediately with her permission.

And things kick off from there.


I took this amazing experience and my energy grew with each and every "Hi, my name is...this is what I'm doing...are you interested?..." 

This project manifested further into Q&A's with amazing people in my life who are entrepreneurs, artists, lovers of life- people who are passionate and are values driven- flocking with these vibes and being able to breathe in their energy and their stories is my process of unlocking the hidden secret doors of humanity. Within their own passionate schpeal of self, I'm finding myself growing and gleaming in knowledge and passion. I'm discovering the beauty of connection within vulnerability, authenticity, and accountability.

This project manifested into getting to know how to talk and connect with a multitude of people from all varying backgrounds of age, gender, culture, language, religion, upbringing. 

Curious students, compassionate entrepreneurs, aspiring coaches, tenacious feminists, driven engineers, wanderlust unicorns, creative artists, loving actresses

And I find the beauty that lies within. We are all connected by the same values. Within us all, we all have stories to tell. We all want to be seen and heard. We aren't broken. No, we are all working on ourselves and understand the power we have. It is not our ego that is speaking up. It is our soul.

 The power we have to persevere and be "as is" to understand that despite our "imperfections" we are perfect just as we are. The power we have looks simple really. We are beginning to trust ourselves and love where we are in our respective journey.

The power of trust that we will be just okay.

I am you. You are me. We'll beokay.

reMINDmebands can be used for multiple reasons. "this is what I need. this is what I need to put my energy into. this is what got me out of xyz. this is my anchor to get to be me. this is how I become complete. this is my story" 

I hope this message rings proud and true.


What do you want? What is your purpose? How are you going to show up?

Currently, I'm writing this scrambling as I have places to go and more people to see. I wanted to get this reflection piece in as I will most likely be taking a 10 day hiatus from posting anything. This is my BEFORE post before I persistently, slowly and/or dramatically see changes within my mindset before I begin yet another soul retrieval journey.

I am going to Burning Man 2016.

Currently, I'm with stranger-turned-friend from Dublin who had graciously and generously invited me to share his hotel room. I was driven 4 hours from California into Reno with a stranger-turned-friend coming from Iceland who had graciously and generously invited me to share his ride. I am here because of many strangers-turned-friends who had heard my deep desire to go to Burning Man. The universe had helped me get a ticket, a camp, and cheap accommodations within a week of letting my intention be heard. 

The power of the "ask and you shall receive" rained hard on me from the moment I realized that I could have anything I put my intention to.

You can call it privilege. You can call it being at the right place at the right time. I did my research and I let my voice be heard as I assessed the spontaneity of my situation from varying angles. In the end, I let my gut do the decision making.

I'm learning to trust myself more along the way.

I'm learning more about how to navigate myself in this world where I want to radiate love and connection. I've come to learn that that Burners also follow the same mindset. I've only had great positive experiences thus far of following the right sort of creative, free to express/love energy that has led me to where I am today. 

I was just in a room full of 30-40 year old Burner veterans who are looking at me as I'm telling them about my REBIRTH with this this profound look on their faces "girl, you're in for something else." 

It's going to be a magical learning experience of discovery and purpose. 

So I ask myself, knowing that reMINDme Values has stemmed from a personal healing social experiment and seeing how far it could go and dreaming the infinite possibilities of reach I can have.

These are the questions I am going to deep dive consider moving forward while I'm MIA and unplugged in the desert. 

What am I seeking? What is my intention? What is my purpose? 

At the same time, I'm going to try my hardest not to come in with any expectations. Just an open heart and an open mind.

I'm excited to gift reMINDmebands and I'm super psyched to share my intention of value driven missions along the way.

Thank you for following my stream of consciousness verbal vomit. 

Gratefully yours,

Tiffany Lin

Discovery lies in the open road ahead. 

Discovery lies in the open road ahead.