Finding my PURPOSE at the Envision Festival

I followed my passion and do what I love to do. I wander and interview people from all walks of life and learn as much as I can about the human experience. I do this to asking a simple question: "What are your top 5 values?" By expressing curiosity, placing exquisite attention, and holding space, I connect with and help people unearth who they were, who they are, and who they want to be.

As I'm on my 500th interview, I'm beginning to notice the beautiful flow of this process, the Values Dissect and how I'm growing along the way. Paying close attention to the very sequence of words people are saying and to which ones I feel my body has the most sensation as they say them. I ask them to say more of that one value.

Loving each and every look of realization as I witness people go deep and think of a moment where they took power for their lives.

In gratitude, I gift them a #remindmebands with that value expressed and reflect back what I see in them and hope they can continue to be. "We are all connected." Touched, they openly reveal to me their hopes/dreams/failures/successes as I type out their flow.

I read out their reflection, word by word. I soak them in as they are smacked with their own personal reality check, the voice of their essence.

"You're such a good writer." "Actually, I'm just a fast typer. This is all of you." Shock. Awe. Sunk in. Soul Eye contact and I feel them.

My deep world of emptiness being filled in with love as they process how a random stranger can actually see them for who they are and channel that love back to them in loving acceptance. I am your vessel.

"Thank you for sharing with me. May I share this with the world?" "Yes!" I see their spirit is lit as they too believe they can change the world, starting with themselves.

As we part ways, I wonder how many other people they can impact as they continue to embody that value on their wrist.

To me, this is genuine connection.

My vision is to live in a world where people feel safe to come out as they fully are. I inspire and empower people to be in that place of connection.

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Gratefully yours, Tiffany Founder of ReMINDme Values