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Values Dissect with Karma Tribe

Karma Tribe led the the Heart Centered Entrepreneurship workshop at the Envision Festival. I arrived a bit late, but didn't take long to get the gist of what was happening. Entrepreneurs get a chance to come up and speak about their businesses, express their challenges, and ask for help. The audience listens and openly offers their insights, recommendations, and business advice from different global perspectives. AMAZING!!!

I've been personally branding on wrist the values of Openness and Connection all week and its served me well this far...I muster the courage to put myself on the spot in front of 60+ people and ask Kate to be put on the list as Dave asks Bailey from Montaia further questions about what she needs for her growing business. 

Within 15 minutes, I'm on stage speaking about reMINDme Values with full on passion on how embodying our values can guide us closer to our purpose and finding points of connection with self and others along the way. My ask for the audience was to "Share your mission with me so I can share it with the world." I noticed how I felt super comfortable speaking publicly and totally attribute this to the smiling audience of conscious heart-centered people sitting on the floor and also the SUPER CHILL vibe Dave and Jackie gave off throughout the whole workshop. This was a well-held safe space to exercise the ability to REQUEST and OFFER a favor. 

After the event was over, I was able to make heart to heart connections from organizations in the holistic wellness, sharing economy,  and women empowerment space! The best kind of networking event ever in my opinion! 

And that's the beauty of Envision Festival and organizations that thrive on connection and compassion to drive change. By sharing ourselves, we can awaken our human potential while co-creating a more regenerative and collaborative economy for social responsibility and positive change. Despite where we come from, we all have something to teach, learn, and share.

I'm super grateful for Karma Tribe for holding space and teaching us a lesson about abundance that thrives on generosity and love! 

And unsurprisingly, this is the foundation that they are built upon. 
Check out what Karma Tribe has to say and their 5 Values below! 

February 26 @ The Envision Festival 

T: So before we get started with the Values Dissect, what is the mission of Karma Tribe?
J: Karma Tribe is an online gifting platform at karmatribe.com where you can offer and request anything you want for free. Making connections with people all around the world. There's no financial exchange just making connections to different needs and wants.

T: What are the top 5 Values? 


D: Seeing yourself in others and others in yourself.
J: It is the ultimate way to give universal love 


D: Our mission is to connect people through kindness.
J: We connect compassionate people around the world whom otherwise wouldn't have met. 


D: We are a platform to share what you love the most. We empower people to share their gifts and to help others who are also sharing their gifts.
J: Sharing is when you gift something that you have inside you to someone else because you know it will help them and it doesn't cost you anything.


D: A reality if we concentrate on it then it grows.
J: Focusing on what you have and having it. 


D: Acting for the greater good rather than the individual.
J: Thinking about the needs of others and realizing by helping them, you're helping yourself 

T: If you can incorporate those 5 values in one mission statement, what would it be?

D & J: Karma Tribe is about a new lifestyle where you recognize the abundance, where you love selflessly and compassionately and you can connect through others by the act of sharing.

T: How's Envision going?

D: It feels like checking in with the higher consciousness and the community of people here. People are so open, positive, and receptive. I feel people are really truly in it and it feels right for Karma Tribe to be here. Everyone is acting the way they want to and everyone's expressing themselves so beautifully. 

Expressing individuality and forming connections are two things Karma Tribe is about and it's definitely happening here.

I was speaking at a networking presentation and Dave Norwoods comes by and says he heard what I had to say and he'd like to connect. It's amazing to make an awesome connection with someone who shares the same vision. I'm pretty thrilled with where Karma Tribe is headed from here. 

T: How is Karma Tribe growing and where do you see it in the future?

J: It's 10 months baby and it's been growing 5 new users a day. We are based in Costa Rica and now in 33 different countries!
D: We think Karma Tribe could be sustainable and make money in the future, so we want to find a conscious investor who believes in this project and where it could go. 

T: How do you feel Karma Tribe can help the world?

We want to create a sustainable world that makes more sense. We believe Karma Tribe could grow into millions of people helping each other all around the world. 

T: If Karma Tribe can make a request from the world, what would it be? 

- People willing to invite their friends into Karma Tribe
- People willing to share our live show Blissin’ Out on Sunday mornings
- People willing to submit videos of their thoughts/experiences relating to Karma Tribe or generosity in general.
- People willing to start a bi-weekly environmental event (ie: beach or park clean-up) in their neighborhood, in the name of Karma Tribe. 

So one last time! Karmatribe.com is a website where you can offer and request free services with generous people around the world. It is a global Tribe of people who genuinely enjoy helping each other. 

In a way, reMINDmebands is my way of spreading love and connection throughout the globe, while I can meet INCREDIBLE people along the way of my own journey. I believe in KARMA and TRIBE and the wonderful manifestations that happen when you give what comes so naturally to you. The value I personally receive from holding space for people as they explain their life lessons and experiences has been incredibly rewarding for my soul. See my interview/coaching process here

Sign up to offer your services and make requests for what you need to grow and thrive!! You never know what dose of good karma you can get for helping someone around the world.

I've made my account already through Karma Tribe this morning and I just got a message this afternoon!! I'm feeling pretty psyched about the prospect of helping someone from Costa Rica and wondering where the open possibilities may lay after :)

Karma Tribe's website
Karma Tribe Facebook Page

Show Off Your Organization's Values

I regularly do Q&A sessions with organizations that are committed to mindful values. You can be a brand, a company, a non profit, or even a passionate individual doing cool things. The most important thing is that you're committed to your values. Sharing how your values align with your mission and expressing your intention in such an open and raw way has the ability to inspire others to do the same. 

“If a value-driven organization or person can successfully drive impact and influence hundreds of people within their community, what is preventing you from coming up with your own 5 and being the change you want to see in the world?” — Tiff Lin, Founder

If you'd like to be featured on the blog, please get in touch and email contact@remindmevalues.com with the subject line Q&A