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Values Dissect with Mukee, Creator of The Pussy Talks

Some time 5 months ago, a friend asked me if I would be open to taking a picture of my pussy and send it to her. Immediately, I felt a rush of mixed emotions that included shame, embarrassment, confusion, flattery, surprise, and most of all curiosity. 


She said she was inspired by The Pussy Talks and wanted to collect a collage of pussies to showcase openly for those who visited her home. And to celebrate our body and eradicate shame around sexuality. 

So I'm on this interesting life journey, making progress towards discovering identity through healing which includes sexual liberation and alignment of self, demystifying shame around mind and body. There's fear diving into this path and also a deep desire to explore what's under the surface. In any case, this super forward request nails me. I played cool and said I'd think about it. 

Later that night, I visited the Pussy Talks website which presented the question what is your relationship with the Source that you come from? It stumped me. How confronting. 

A day later, I took a picture of my pussy or rather, I got my OM partner to take a picture of her. At the time, I believe he was more excited about it than I was. I felt a bit awkward and just bemused "What is my life right now?"

I was brought up pretty conservatively, intimacy-deprived, and for a long time identified as asexual with little desire to explore people's genitals, let alone my own. When I saw the picture, I remember looking at her for 3 seconds and feeling a rush of energy. LIKE HELLO!

I felt self conscious and shy. And a bit of shame for not cultivating that relationship or spending time really exploring who I am from this perspective. And instead of going deeper in, I dissipated and deleted the picture. I didn't send it to my friend and carried on with my life immersing myself in other people's experiences.  

It's interesting to notice how we don't consider the deep depths of sexual shame, self-worth and repression until we are totally confronted by it. Until we've tasted a glimpse of what it feels like from the other end of freedom, acceptance, and liberation.

Vulnerable Truth: While I’ve been working on exploring intimacy for the past year in relationship and connection with other people, I realize that I need to start the process of being intimate with myself first before I can consider holding space for others. Self love is an ongoing theme and it never stops...

Flash forward to present day. I serendipitously meet Mukee, the creator of The Pussy Talks. We are in the same OneTaste coaching program in San Francisco. Immediately, I gravitated towards her energy and felt a wonderful sense of openness and acceptance in her presence. When she agreed to do this interview with me, my whole body and pussy lit up in delight. 

Funny how life works out. 

What would my pussy say? 

T's P: “I desire to experience peace and freedom. I desire to be connected to my Source and Power. Thank you for leaning in. Thank you for expressing curiosity here.”

May 20th - Some loft @ San Francisco

T: How did you come up with the idea for The Pussy Talks?

I feel blessed to have been in the right place at the right time. I went to my first Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality program in the early 90s and one of the many topics was about the uniqueness of every woman and man’s genital anatomy. I had no idea.

It was such an impactful, healing powerful snippet of education that made all the difference for me. So in 1998 I started photographing the genital anatomy to show the beauty and unique differences. I have thousands and thousands of beautiful photographs of different men and women eager to contribute to this education.

About 4 years ago, when I started working with my current coach, he kept saying to me from our very beginning I was withholding from humanity, the experience and knowledge that I had of the root chakra of energy, which is the most out of balance in the being of humanity.

Every time we reject sex, our sexual energy, our body, we are rejecting Self. It is like a war with our natural sexual procreative force. I knew it, I felt it. The procreative force is absolutely the strongest force in existence in every atom of creation. It is the force that gets us up in the morning.

I had lived in a yoga ashram for a number of years after I was initiated in a traditional tantric lineage in 1984. I was basically in a path of pure practice. It was a scientific systematic system so I had experiences, including kundalini experiences, over years of practice that completely changed my whole relationship with reality. And I said oh everything else is an overlay of the underlying structure of creation. It is the primal force, the essence within every atom of creation. Here we are brought up to be against our own energy.

T: Wow, there’s a disconnect there.

The absolute disconnect from Self.

The Pussy Talks was birthed.

In 2013 I went to the Museum of Old and New Art, MONA in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s this extraordinary space and for me it was total embodiment of imagination actualized in this monumental structure that was built for people to come and be. It is built in an old sandstone quarry in Hobart.

I was down there and completely blown away by this freedom of expression and creativity. It was meant to be dedicated to sex and death. So things were fairly ordinary about sex and some avant-garde stuff about death. And I was like “Omg The Pussy Talks belongs in an exhibition in here. So when I went back home, I set up a home camera and made a video pitch to the curator team. I just shared who I was and said and i was inspired by the space and “You need the Pussy Talks in there.”

Friends started asking me “When’s the exhibition?”

I thought “Oh what if they say yes? I better get on with it!”

T: Holy shit! You really just went on with it. You created this imaginary vision and you were like “Oh it could happen, I better prepare!!” That’s so funny!

I only took photographs at that point, I imagined giant banners of pussies and other installations. Then I made a couple of videos of a friend and myself with my iPhone. It’s not an interview and you only see the Pussy.

I sent an email to women that I knew telling them about the big picture vision of global education and how I saw it being places in sex museums, medical institutions, women’s health centers and anywhere this education is welcomed.

The current version is 55 minutes long. 28 pussies. The age range is 28 to 69 years old. Quite a few women reference their age. “I didn’t really get to know my pussy until i was 44-45.” Really it’s a healing in 55 minutes. 

The instructions for every woman I filmed was the same. “Say whatever you want to say.” And when she finished saying what she wanted to say, I asked “What does your pussy want to say?” All I did was create a space to say.

One woman went into full body orgasm over and over again when I was doing the light test.

So…yeah that’s what i’ve been up to.

Now women are approaching me to be filmed. And I’m also doing the exact same thing for the Cock Tales.

T: I see how curiosity is the foundation to your creation and has so much impact in healing the world, and gives us so much awareness for body and connection.

So now that I understand the "How it Started", I’d like to get more into the What and the Why. What would you say would be your first fundamental root value that has driven you to where you are today?

Absolutely freedom.

When I received my name on February 22, 1984 at my initiation, it felt as if I had always had that name. Swami Muktananda Saraswati.

Swami means master of oneself. You are given the degree at the beginning.

Muktananda = the bliss of Spiritual Freedom

Saraswati is the lineage, which has a specific role in the evolution of humanity.

The essence of my training living a yogic life was to be able to be with anything, any time, anywhere with anyone.  And my inner experiences from direct systematic practices changed reality forever.

T: Complete freedom to be with anything and to be yourself. So your given name has really ingrained into your whole being into your whole character.

Yes. That particular master teacher just had the gift of seeing one’s essence.

T: And you are providing freedom ultimately for everyone else.

Yes, sex is the biggest taboo. Everything is birthed through sexual energy. It is natural, sacred and beautiful.

T: I would also say Creation is also your top 5

Yes definitely

Creation. The practices brought forth full inner experience. That was the biggest shift in my life. From external focus and no knowledge of internal to full inner awakening and illumination of creation inside of me.

I had really low self esteem before I gave birth to my son. I had a fantastic pregnancy, living in the bush in Australia. I got to experience how natural a woman’s body is perfectly designed to birth. The body just takes over when it’s not interfered within any way. And that moment when my baby was about to shoot out, I got to experience the full creative power of me as a woman, and the Eternal Feminine power across all time and space. 

T: So we have the FREEDOM that you have to offer and the CREATION you are experiencing through your art and the act of giving birth to a child and idea. What do you think is the next value on your list?

It’s like freedom, creation, and connection.

Connection comes up. And I have a tagline for the Pussy Talks, Production of Peace on Earth, because there can’t be any peace without peace within ourselves. Imagine full acceptance of the power of our sexual energy and being at peace with that power.

T: So i’m sensing Acceptance is the word.

Yeah. Acceptance of the ultimate reality.

T: Acceptance of a value neutral thing and that we are connected because we all have our own sense of creation or have the freedom to do so. Just to accept who we are and where we are. I love that word. It’s being so open that you create the spaciousness and emptiness for people to just be. Yeah. It’s definitely a natural talent and an ability to heal! THANK YOU for that!

Freedom. Creation. Connection. and Acceptance and we are on our last value.


We are here to give our beauty. Share our beauty. Create beauty in this world. What else is there to do?

T: And beauty is everywhere. In all different forms. It’s almost synonymous with your legacy. Your unique blueprint is your beauty. Similar to how you are talking with Pussy Talks and Cock Tales, they all have a story to tell. It’s such a beautiful experience to naturally reveal the unfolding of what that is. To give permission and acceptance for people to say what they want to say. And to have the freedom to do so. 

So what comes up for you when you think about Freedom. Creation. Connection. Acceptance. Beauty together in one. Would it be possible to create a Value Statement with these in alignment?

So the thing that comes to me is a Jah Levi song, there’s this line in one of his songs and it is “You have given me everything I need to be free in this reality.”

The absolute reality that is running through the whole of creation that gives us the freedom to be and accept everything in creation. It’s an acceptance of everything in creation. There isn’t anything out of place.

T: "Accepting the beauty of everything in this reality that gives us the freedom to be." This is the message behind your project and the reason why you created something that can connect us all back to our source of creation. Beautiful.

Sex is the biggest taboo, the most repressed part of humanity. It’s the biggest healing for every human being to completely accept everything about them and the power of their sexual energy and the end of guilt, shame. So when there is total connection and acceptance of one’s sexual energy and how it is connected into everything, then the reality changes.

T: And then you have freedom.

There’s no freedom until we free ourselves from all of the contaminations we have against ourselves. it doesn’t matter where they came from, any thought or any underlying judgment of how you express your sexuality, whether you choose celibacy, celebrating yourself and every other expression with others.

" Every time we reject sex, our sexual energy, our body, we are rejecting Self. It is like a war with our natural sexual procreative force. I knew it, I felt it. The procreative force is absolutely the strongest force in existence in every atom of CREATION. It is the force that gets us up in the morning."

"Every time we reject sex, our sexual energy, our body, we are rejecting Self. It is like a war with our natural sexual procreative force. I knew it, I felt it. The procreative force is absolutely the strongest force in existence in every atom of CREATION. It is the force that gets us up in the morning."

Thank you so much Mukee for your work. Thank you for your years of practice and accessing your given talent and vision in creating a healing movement. Thank you for empowering ourselves to feel acceptance and connection with our eternal source of creation, giving us freedom to just be.

So after the interview, I finally got around to watching the The Pussy Talks. And it was everything Mukee had said and more. A 55 minute healing session of 28 pussies shot up close and personal. Hearing the voices of women saying whatever they needed to say to communicate their needs, wants, desires outside the realm of guilt, blame, and shame.

Large exhale.

My pussy felt seen, heard, and held in that space.

What would my pussy say now?

T's P: See me. Feel me. Get to know me. Spend more time with me. Learn about me. Love me.
And I am beginning to really listen.

What would YOUR genitals say? Think about it... 

For anyone who wants to feel free and liberated to embrace your authentic self, I encourage you to watch. www.thepussytalks.com
Men, watch out for The Cock Tales!


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