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Values Dissect with Hila the Killa, Performer and Zero Waste Rockstar

Read about the 5 Values of Hila the Killa, artist, performer, creator, heart spreader.
Through various forms of creative expression, she spreads messages about self love, acceptance, sex positivity, and Zero Waste lifestyle.


To connect it to love, if I was just one love explosion- like how a firework appears in the sky and is gone, I don’t think I would make the same impact. What I really strive for is sustainability. How long can I keep this fire burning? How can I be resourceful and efficient so I can keep spreading hearts, spreading love, and also take care of the planet, rejuvenate the gifts that were given from the Earth, and take care of the Earth?"

"I’m passionate about Sustainability because there’s so much mindlessness. So it’s like I'm bringing awareness to plastic, because plastic is this thing we made. What we throw away defines us. How we move about this world and what we decide to take responsibility for, and what we decide to not to take responsibility for.

I think a lot of people, me included, have been going through life saying “I want change, I want people to respect each other, I want to see racism abolished” and getting angry with the government and the media, but not looking internally in the way that I operate in this world, and the way that I support businesses with my time and my money. 

And so Zero Waste and trash mindfulness, it’s a way to hone in on every activity that you do as a human being in this planet and really being accountable for yourself."

"Being responsible for your impact, your actions, your moves, the thing you decide to do or say or not say. That’s very important to me especially as a performer and writer, choosing my words and ideas I want to express and making sure I’m not judging other people, or placing blame on other people. Constantly returning to the point of inner reflection. Introspection."





Inspired by the BANDChallenge program
The core currency is CONNECTION and the key to play is EXPRESSION

The PURPOSE is encourage a world of AUTHENTIC expression and pull our consciousness towards CREATION and a more values-driven culture.

For 7 days, we will focus on exploring ONE VALUE. 

- How does it make us feel?
- How do we express it?
- How can we best share it?

Push your comfort zone. Share something that you've never exposed your inner/outer social network to. Come out about what excites you and what scares you.

Give yourself permission to sink in, to feel, to land.
Take what is real inside of you and share it in such a way that people can feel and relate to.
Remember: You have nothing to lose but to be yourself. Everything else is extra. 

When sharing to your social network, remember to hashtag #ExpressYourValues

You can choose to explore 7 different values on your own or you can follow the community on IG @reMINDmeValues or on the FB group for daily value prompts!

Check the progress of those who are participating . Visit here and comment for moral support!
Thanks for playing!!!