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I took on a five-week band challenge after meeting Tiffany through some mutual friends in Taipei. It was the end of the calendar year, and I was interested to do a ‘personal inventory’ that would help me to verbalize and examine some of my recent development, and give me some ideas to move forward with. I didn’t map out all five weeks in advance, because I preferred to allow the journey to inform itself, and to unfold as a voyage of discovery. In the end, I traveled through Patience, Pride, Curiosity, Integrity and Freedom.


Moving forward, I feel that I will be more diligent in exercising values in my daily life, and especially my interpersonal relations. Having spent five weeks examining and labeling my life with vocabulary related to values, I am more likely to contemplate which element of my own system of values I would like to exercise when I find myself in a complicated situation that requires action. The band challenge is an fun and versatile method for exploring conscience and consciousness, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding and diversifying their understanding of personal identity.



I'm devoted to share the beautiful INTENTION behind living with ACCOUNTABILITY and having a SUPPORTIVE community behind self growth. 
I'm determined to change the culture of how we CONNECT and how we can strive to find our PURPOSE in our own unique and individual way.
It TURNS ME ON me to help people achieve their desires through these dark times of self doubt.
I'm inspired to create positive change through LOVE, CONNECTION, and PLAY.  

The truth is we are all in this together. 

If you're reading this now, you've gotten far along my rant to at least show a bit of curiosity for how this program could work for you! Follow that desire!

Consider what it is like to invest all of yourself in a space where the worst thing you lose is 7 days wearing an elastic band on your wrist and the best thing you gain is a higher sense of energy, fulfillment and purpose. 

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I could by stereotyped as "lost millennial" but hey, who isn't? I'm embracing my uniqueness as I am totally killing it with change. Maybe it still seems like I am “all over the place” but I'm happy to say I'm in a more balanced “exploration mode” where I can nourish my interests and creativity and not be so crazy into making immediate decisions right away.