Open Source Wellness

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Values Dissect with Elizabeth Markle, Founder of Open Source Wellness

According to Elizabeth Markle, Psychologist, the experiences of isolation and disconnection are some of the top drivers of mental illness. Below is a Q&A where we discuss the values and resources of connection, abundance, and purpose, and how they apply to health and wellbeing.

The current health care delivery system is fundamentally lacking in its ability to deliver on the personal and collective behaviors that underlie health and well-being. Doctors and mental health professionals make “behavioral prescriptions” on a daily basis: Get more exercise! Eat healthier food! Reduce your stress! But there’s no pharmacy where patients can ‘fill’ these prescriptions.

Imagine if your doctor could prescribe you a membership to a community that facilitated health and wellness behaviors (healthy food, physical exercise, stress reduction, and social support) while also cultivating the enduring foundations of human flourishing like belongingness and opportunity to contribute to others? What if there was that behavioral pharmacy where we could actually get the lifestyle medicine that we need?

There is! It’s called Open Source Wellness, the future of healthcare and it is Powered by Connection.