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Values Dissect with Michael Bedar, Author and Spiritual Nutrition Coach

I was introduced to Michael through Liz from Open Source Wellness (See our interview here.) “He’s into nutrition as medicine” was pretty much all she said, and it was also pretty much all I needed to hear to pique my interest. Later after speaking with Michael on the phone, I discovered he is also a writer and Spiritual Life Coach. He tells me briefly how he was able to gather his profound insights in his field of Spiritual Nutrition and distill it in a way that is easier to understand, the fictional parable. A beautiful book called Sweet Healing.

Loud sigh.

The keywords “Healing” and “Nutrition” and “Spiritual” are like ringing bells, themes of my own personal journey as I progress further into the thrilling realm of expansive and sustainable personal growth. How can we connect the dots to health, longevity, and happiness in our own lives? What does it take to understand that within us all lies infinite potential?