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Values Dissect with Steve, Online Dating Consultant

Malcolm Gladwell would most likely label Steve as a "Connector." Steve makes it his business to meet someone new everyday. His intention is his passion- to provide tools, resources, insights, and create events so people can stay and become better connected online and off. How he chooses to do this had always fascinated me. If you know him, you'd know he's on 50 dating apps all at once. 

So who is this guy? What does he do? The same curiosity that had led me to message him first on OKC asked him for the opportunity to dissect the values that drive his decisions and behavior. 

What are the motivating factors for someone to constantly stay plugged into other people's lives. Where does energy and passion come from? What do moments of connection look like for an Online Dating Consultant?

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So in relentless “growth lies in the discomfort zone” fashion, my intention is to now dive deep into the bottomless pit of my soul and tackle that latent sleeping monster inside and push out my desires from within.

I want to plunge into this wreck, derive power from acknowledging the past damage that was done, and come back to shore finding the secret treasures that prevail. I want to hear what I want and pursue it; and I want to do so while giving zero fucks for what other people think.

By leaning into my desires, I hope to liberate my power, joy, self expression, and connection towards myself and others.