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Values Dissect with Mukee, Creator of The Pussy Talks

I interview Mukee, the Creator of The Pussy Talks about How it Started and what her 5 values are that led her to her purpose today. 


"Every time we reject sex, our sexual energy, our body, we are rejecting Self. It is like a war with our natural sexual procreative force. I knew it, I felt it. The procreative force is absolutely the strongest force in existence in every atom of creation. It is the force that gets us up in the morning."

"Sex is the biggest taboo, the most repressed part of humanity. It’s the biggest healing for every human being to completely accept everything about them and the power of their sexual energy and the end of guilt, shame. So when there is total connection and acceptance of one’s sexual energy and how it is connected into everything, then the reality changes."

"There’s no freedom until we free ourselves from all of the contaminations we have against ourselves. it doesn’t matter where they came from, any thought or any underlying judgment of how you express your sexuality, whether you choose celibacy, celebrating yourself and every other expression with others."


Q&A with Zona from InBetween International

For those who aspire, there is a moment where we are all caught “in-between”.  It is a momentary state where we reflect who we are now and who we continue to strive to be. While we all have our own journey to take, it doesn’t have to necessarily be trekked all alone.  At InBetween, Kaohsiung's first real coworking space, their motto is to “connect dreams with achievements.” I set out on a mission to discover exactly how they propose to do this.