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Values Dissect with Drea Marz, Mover and Feeler

I met Andrea Marz in Austin a couple weeks ago. For those who don't know her, you can say she's an interesting, deeply felt, slightly eccentric human being. I instantly connected with her energy. I did a Values Dissect with her over Chai Tea and she spoke about the importance of embodiment, expression, surrender, connection, and love as integral guiding and anchoring values in her life.

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“And really what that means to me is feeling connected, to my physical body and where I’m at mentally. Being able to have thoughts that have them just as they are. Not attaching too much meaning to them, as well as being connected to my emotions. What am I feeling? And then feeling a connection to the world around me. So having all of the debris that keeps me separate dissolves. And that I’m able to have Right Response or just being able to respond with a conscious choice in every moment"

Q&A, values dissect

Values Dissect with Mazin from Holistic Underground

Last night, I attended an open mic night in the Mission hosted biweekly by Holistic Underground. It was a special event dedicated to sharing our reactions, feelings, and voice in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. After listening to truth from the soul in the form of song, poetry, comedy, freestyle rap, the whole space made way for a live open jam-drum circle-cypher.

Instruments for grabs. Dancing wild and free. Singing. OOH and AAH. This is where I found home. 

The following day, after a shared meditation practice, I sat with Mazin Mahgoub, Director of Holistic Underground to pick his brain and understand the theory to the practice of holistic health + arts + social justice. The grounded energy was palpable. For the following Q&A, Mazin explains the importance and vision of creating a more creative, sustainable and holistic (r)evolution in the world we live in today.