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Values Dissect with John Brennan, Photographer

In the thick of it, I knew that this is why I’m here. I mean not necessarily for nude photography. But an extension or application of something to pull me out of my body and my mind. In the light and dark of my subconscious, I wanted to explore the realm of radical self expression, self love, vulnerability, awareness, and connection with mind-body-spirit. I wanted to be free and unchained from all of the “should’s” and "shouldn't" dialogue from my past. Ironically, in stark contrast, within reality, John has me chained and tied in handcuffs with my hands above my head in blissful surrender. I’m exposed but not broken.

John shows us the pictures. I noticed my body at first and found it to not to be the main focus. It was within the faces. In Johns photography, he captures humanity. What it means to be raw and completely human and at peace.

This is Day 2 of Burning Man. This is just the beginning. I’m grateful for this experience that catapulted my understanding of self love to make room for more enriching tales to follow...

As we were dressing back up, John pulls me aside. He invites me to visit him back in Santa Clara for more individual photo-shoot sessions. I’m flattered but mostly perplexed. I had to ask, “Why? Why me?” He says something to the extent of “unconventional beauty” and how his mission is to spend the rest of his life capturing what that is for people to witness.

So a week later after Burning Man, I find myself with a strong impulse to drive to Santa Clara and connect with John. He’s a wise character. And I am tenacious and relentlessly curious.

Go with the flow, explore, and find yourself along the way.

He was on board with the Q&A interview. Here is John Brennan, the man who makes people see something in themselves they never saw before. This is the man who Goes with the Flow.

Here is his life story arranged from a lovely conversation as we pick his 5 values up together. 

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Values Dissect with Steve, Online Dating Consultant

Malcolm Gladwell would most likely label Steve as a "Connector." Steve makes it his business to meet someone new everyday. His intention is his passion- to provide tools, resources, insights, and create events so people can stay and become better connected online and off. How he chooses to do this had always fascinated me. If you know him, you'd know he's on 50 dating apps all at once. 

So who is this guy? What does he do? The same curiosity that had led me to message him first on OKC asked him for the opportunity to dissect the values that drive his decisions and behavior. 

What are the motivating factors for someone to constantly stay plugged into other people's lives. Where does energy and passion come from? What do moments of connection look like for an Online Dating Consultant?