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Values Dissect with Mukee, Creator of The Pussy Talks

I interview Mukee, the Creator of The Pussy Talks about How it Started and what her 5 values are that led her to her purpose today. 


"Every time we reject sex, our sexual energy, our body, we are rejecting Self. It is like a war with our natural sexual procreative force. I knew it, I felt it. The procreative force is absolutely the strongest force in existence in every atom of creation. It is the force that gets us up in the morning."

"Sex is the biggest taboo, the most repressed part of humanity. It’s the biggest healing for every human being to completely accept everything about them and the power of their sexual energy and the end of guilt, shame. So when there is total connection and acceptance of one’s sexual energy and how it is connected into everything, then the reality changes."

"There’s no freedom until we free ourselves from all of the contaminations we have against ourselves. it doesn’t matter where they came from, any thought or any underlying judgment of how you express your sexuality, whether you choose celibacy, celebrating yourself and every other expression with others."

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This post marks three different experiences I had with Aweli, Intuitive Healer and Reiki Practitioner.

I write this to reflect on the word breathe and to process the events leading up to surrender

Enclosed is a true story of my two hour healing session and how my mind and body mentally/physically felt when being pulled to access and release past trauma.

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Values Dissect with Michael Bedar, Author and Spiritual Nutrition Coach

I was introduced to Michael through Liz from Open Source Wellness (See our interview here.) “He’s into nutrition as medicine” was pretty much all she said, and it was also pretty much all I needed to hear to pique my interest. Later after speaking with Michael on the phone, I discovered he is also a writer and Spiritual Life Coach. He tells me briefly how he was able to gather his profound insights in his field of Spiritual Nutrition and distill it in a way that is easier to understand, the fictional parable. A beautiful book called Sweet Healing.

Loud sigh.

The keywords “Healing” and “Nutrition” and “Spiritual” are like ringing bells, themes of my own personal journey as I progress further into the thrilling realm of expansive and sustainable personal growth. How can we connect the dots to health, longevity, and happiness in our own lives? What does it take to understand that within us all lies infinite potential?

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Values Dissect with Natalie from OneTaste

Out of my relentless spirit “to figure myself out,” to dive into the messy dark pit of my consciousness, I found OneTaste. Within the process of healing and removing my internal noise of shame, guilt, anxiety, non-deserving, I found the power of curiosity, exploration,  sensation, and desire. Orgasmic Meditation may be a trigger word for a lot of people but for me at this present moment, there’s a whole lot I’d like to uncover and share.