3 Generations Uncover the Feminine

Dr. Marie Mbouni, Tiffany Lin, Alorah Inanna share their stories of their path towards uncovering their feminine path and what it means to have trust in self along the way. 

Read more for some real life lessons and the connection between wealth, sex, and spirit. 

Also, join us for our very first Feminine Fun and Freedom event on September 29-30th in Marina Del Ray! 


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Values Dissect with Hila the Killa, Performer and Zero Waste Rockstar

Read about the 5 Values of Hila the Killa, artist, performer, creator, heart spreader.
Through various forms of creative expression, she spreads messages about self love, acceptance, sex positivity, and Zero Waste lifestyle.


To connect it to love, if I was just one love explosion- like how a firework appears in the sky and is gone, I don’t think I would make the same impact. What I really strive for is sustainability. How long can I keep this fire burning? How can I be resourceful and efficient so I can keep spreading hearts, spreading love, and also take care of the planet, rejuvenate the gifts that were given from the Earth, and take care of the Earth?"

"I’m passionate about Sustainability because there’s so much mindlessness. So it’s like I'm bringing awareness to plastic, because plastic is this thing we made. What we throw away defines us. How we move about this world and what we decide to take responsibility for, and what we decide to not to take responsibility for.

I think a lot of people, me included, have been going through life saying “I want change, I want people to respect each other, I want to see racism abolished” and getting angry with the government and the media, but not looking internally in the way that I operate in this world, and the way that I support businesses with my time and my money. 

And so Zero Waste and trash mindfulness, it’s a way to hone in on every activity that you do as a human being in this planet and really being accountable for yourself."

"Being responsible for your impact, your actions, your moves, the thing you decide to do or say or not say. That’s very important to me especially as a performer and writer, choosing my words and ideas I want to express and making sure I’m not judging other people, or placing blame on other people. Constantly returning to the point of inner reflection. Introspection."


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Values Dissect with Mukee, Creator of The Pussy Talks

I interview Mukee, the Creator of The Pussy Talks about How it Started and what her 5 values are that led her to her purpose today. 


"Every time we reject sex, our sexual energy, our body, we are rejecting Self. It is like a war with our natural sexual procreative force. I knew it, I felt it. The procreative force is absolutely the strongest force in existence in every atom of creation. It is the force that gets us up in the morning."

"Sex is the biggest taboo, the most repressed part of humanity. It’s the biggest healing for every human being to completely accept everything about them and the power of their sexual energy and the end of guilt, shame. So when there is total connection and acceptance of one’s sexual energy and how it is connected into everything, then the reality changes."

"There’s no freedom until we free ourselves from all of the contaminations we have against ourselves. it doesn’t matter where they came from, any thought or any underlying judgment of how you express your sexuality, whether you choose celibacy, celebrating yourself and every other expression with others."

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Values Dissect with Irene, My Soul Sister

Dear Irene,
You may not have known this, but your words "I will try my hardest to never sell my soul for easy money or an easier way to exist" gave my subconscious the strength to break free from the chains that I, myself, had intricately woven into my soul...

Meeting you and seeing you progress through your journey gave me hope...

You boldly agree to do a Q&A interview with me, knowing that it will bring up or trigger moments of your past. You bravely tell me, “I give you permission to take pictures of me crying” knowing very well that your vulnerability is your truth, that this is one of the many gifts that you have to offer the world. We both pause to acknowledge that it is okay to feel what you are feeling and proceed to roll around giggling on the grass before we begin.

I listen and you speak. I hit record. You are about to share your beautiful story and soul.

Here it is. Thank you for your words, your thoughts, and your values as your voice radiates through the dark and light of your soul and intertwine with mine through and through. I hope this brings #ALLofthefeelings up for everyone else as well.

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Values Dissect with Steve, Online Dating Consultant

Malcolm Gladwell would most likely label Steve as a "Connector." Steve makes it his business to meet someone new everyday. His intention is his passion- to provide tools, resources, insights, and create events so people can stay and become better connected online and off. How he chooses to do this had always fascinated me. If you know him, you'd know he's on 50 dating apps all at once. 

So who is this guy? What does he do? The same curiosity that had led me to message him first on OKC asked him for the opportunity to dissect the values that drive his decisions and behavior. 

What are the motivating factors for someone to constantly stay plugged into other people's lives. Where does energy and passion come from? What do moments of connection look like for an Online Dating Consultant?


Q&A with Becky from DIY Co.

A trip to San Francisco is incomplete without a visit to see a startup company in action. In a world hungry for innovation, you picture brilliant minds working together with the goal to “make the world a better place.” While the reality we face is seeing the majority of services still catered towards convenience for entertainment and lifestyle (transportation or social media), those that are impact-driven or social-centric remain few and far between

So when I discovered DIY Co., the inner child within me squealed. Here is a company that ties in the perfect trifecta of community, gamification, and education catered towards today’s youth. The following is a Q&A discussion with me and Becky Margraf, the Community Manager at DIY (Online Community for Kids) and JAM (Online Courses for Kids).