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Values Dissect with Irene, My Soul Sister

Dear Irene,
You may not have known this, but your words "I will try my hardest to never sell my soul for easy money or an easier way to exist" gave my subconscious the strength to break free from the chains that I, myself, had intricately woven into my soul...

Meeting you and seeing you progress through your journey gave me hope...

You boldly agree to do a Q&A interview with me, knowing that it will bring up or trigger moments of your past. You bravely tell me, “I give you permission to take pictures of me crying” knowing very well that your vulnerability is your truth, that this is one of the many gifts that you have to offer the world. We both pause to acknowledge that it is okay to feel what you are feeling and proceed to roll around giggling on the grass before we begin.

I listen and you speak. I hit record. You are about to share your beautiful story and soul.

Here it is. Thank you for your words, your thoughts, and your values as your voice radiates through the dark and light of your soul and intertwine with mine through and through. I hope this brings #ALLofthefeelings up for everyone else as well.