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Values Dissect with Natalie from OneTaste

Out of my relentless spirit “to figure myself out,” to dive into the messy dark pit of my consciousness, I found OneTaste. Within the process of healing and removing my internal noise of shame, guilt, anxiety, non-deserving, I found the power of curiosity, exploration,  sensation, and desire. Orgasmic Meditation may be a trigger word for a lot of people but for me at this present moment, there’s a whole lot I’d like to uncover and share. 

feelings, storytelling, rants


So in relentless “growth lies in the discomfort zone” fashion, my intention is to now dive deep into the bottomless pit of my soul and tackle that latent sleeping monster inside and push out my desires from within.

I want to plunge into this wreck, derive power from acknowledging the past damage that was done, and come back to shore finding the secret treasures that prevail. I want to hear what I want and pursue it; and I want to do so while giving zero fucks for what other people think.

By leaning into my desires, I hope to liberate my power, joy, self expression, and connection towards myself and others.