I am relentless about what I want to achieve. I am far more yielding, flexible, and relenting on how I achieve things. The concept of "relentlessness" can help or hinder any objective, depending on how you apply it. Define your objective (your why), and you will find there are often several paths to achieving that objective. 

So, what are you chasing? What's important to you right now? What are you working on, and why? 

Big questions right there. Ones most people don't stop to consider often, but ones that weigh heavily on your mind when it seems your whole existence is at risk. That's where I found myself on June 8, 2008. 

I had woken up in the ICU of South Nassau hospital, a few towns over from where I grew up. I was 17 years old and annoyed. There were so many things going on in the world and here I was, stuck, lying in a bed in the middle of the afternoon! Unfortunately, my body had just been slammed around between a windshield and rough pavement, so I had no choice but to just lay there and think.   

Everything hurt.