PODCAST SERIES: 5 Values Dissect with Fiona Potter, Humanitarian

Fiona Potter is a dear friend of mine who embodies so many values of strength, sincerity, and empowerment. A humanitarian, Youtube sensation, vegan, political activist, podcast host, her journey towards self growth is inspirational and grounded with all good intentions of living a noble life. 

How she aligns her values with her mission is intrinsically woven from her rich experience coming out from struggle and personal hardship taking care of her family. How she develops her unique skills and manifests her voice into purpose ties in with her love for humanity and justice. How authenticity and integrity tie in towards her daily actions towards self growth is inspirational.

Through this 5 Values Dissect process, we were able to flush out how far she's come along and feel genuine excitement towards where she's heading. 

Fiona's top 5 values are :

Connection. Sincerity. Justice. Empathy. Love

Listen to this podcast and follow the thread of how these values have been received and cultivated throughout her journey.