sound healing


Q&A with Simona from Sound Meditation SF

As I lay still in savasana (relaxation pose), I was told to close my eyes, and focus on my breath as wave after wave of sound washed over me. Coming out of this deep meditative practice, I awoke to a heightened sense of calm and release. What I thought was 5 minutes, was actually close to an hour. This was the deepest sleep I've had from 5 weeks of couch-surfing. My body was obviously trying to tell me something. 

Two days later, I'm meeting with Simona, the Director of Sound Meditation SF at her recommended spot, Kava Lounge. She introduces me to Kava tea and I begin to feel my energy easily resonate with hers throughout the interview.

We discuss the 5 Values behind Sound Meditation SF and how it meshes well with the practice itself- how surrendering to deep meditative states can bring about clarity and promote a sense of well being and peace. Feeling the high effects of Kava paired with the context of everything discussed, I began to see the powerful impact of sound and energy and how it interrelates with the mind-body experience.