It's interesting really, I started reMINDme Values as a self-healing project for myself. To get out of my hamster wheel self-fulfilling world of internal dialogue "this is the way it is, this is the way it has been" and just to have a platform to write and focus about one thing at one time. To realign my purpose, my self, my personality based on my values that I hold to be true (at one point in time) in my life. To be conscious and mindful of my own intentions and the impact I have with other people that surround me. 

I had created these bands that come in themed sets of whatever I was going through in life. Truthfully, I just wanted something to stay accountable for my life. Everything I held about what I knew about the world was so close to slip away. The only thing I could grip onto was my perception of reality and who I was and who I aspire to be.

To write down my goals and values is one thing, to see it on my self and wear it with the goal for mindful intention and action is something else entirely.