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Hello! I’m Tiffany! I help people expand their awareness, cultivate their voice, and claim responsibility of their own unique path towards self-love and purpose.

As a traveling entrepreneur, I’ve seen the trajectory of millennial creators off the beaten path, running from responsibility and skirting the harsh reality of having bills to pay. We don’t want to live in a cage and be stuck or return back to the corporate 9-5 zombie life. Yet, we are scared to claim our power and lack the confidence and structure to follow through with our true passion. I get it. I’ve been there. 

How can we continuously beam our internal light and have it shine bright and strong amidst voices of self doubt and fear?

I help my clients in transition navigate through their fears and lack of motivation, gain access to their feminine power within and move forward embracing their unique blueprint and irreplaceable form of creation. I provide an experience of approval where people can feel safe to come out and grow. Specializing in vulnerability and connection, I bring honest sight, relentless compassion, and enthusiastic devotion to empower you to create a life of authenticity and freedom. 

Value Dissect


This is where I interview you like I would with any other beautiful stranger I meet on the street. With so much love and approval, there's no possible room for judgement.

This is where I pull out what's underneath layers of ego and conditioning and help you access your essential self. 

We will discuss past, present, future and uncover the 5 values you represent, leaving you with a greater sense of awareness and purpose.

(30 min)
With Purchase of reMINDmebands

Weekly Coaching


This is where I go on weekly coaching calls with you to go over your transition from one value to the next through the BANDChallenge Program. 

This is where I encourage and push you to be the very best of yourself with accountability tools and daily check-ins.

This is where I offer exquisite attention and we uncover how to anchor deeper in your purpose, actualize your desires, while being in alignment with your values.

Sliding Scale (TBD)
(45 min/5 weeks)
With BANDChallenge Program

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