reMINDme Values transpired from a personal traumatic experience by founder, Tiffany Lin.

What followed on this life-altering period in time was a vision to live life according to the best authentic version of self and to inspire others to do the same.

here is my story.

June 23, 2014- 

It had been 15 days since I left this hospital bed.
15 days of pain, shame, guilt, boredom, and rumination on how the hell I got here.

If you're like me, you believe life is meant to be lived. We don’t cower under the safety of normalcy's blanket. No, the world is our jungle and we are its proverbial monkeys! We grab life by the horns and just GO. 

The problem with this lifestyle, though, is that we don't always know when to stop.

...I didn't know when to stop.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.05.20 PM.png

I had injured my ankle pretty seriously in a skateboarding accident. After my injury, you'd think I would have cooled it a bit, exercised some self-control in light of the obvious vulnerability of the human body. But my patterns resurfaced, opening old wounds that had failed to heal after a year and a half.

A sense of YOLO/FOMO heightened my restlessness, and I nurtured an escapist, "mind-don't-give-a-shit-about-body" mentality. I wanted to be everywhere all at once and "DO ALL OF THE THINGS!" In short, I recklessly chose to harm myself and didn't give my body the time and attention to properly heal. 

I landed myself in the hospital for the third time.

Confronted with the risk of amputation, MRSA, and four painful surgeries, my mind finally came to realize how much it had neglected body and escaped from soul. 

Perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something...
I could no longer escape my true self.

So there I was, on the hospital bed, battling regret, angst, guilt, shame, and a painful desire to ruminate on my mistakes.
I had the time. I thought to myself:


"how the hell did I get here"

....Well, I said "just this once" more than once. 
I didn't stop to think about the consequences of my actions.
I knew I might be pushing my physical limits, living outside of integrity, but I chose instant gratification over self care.

Lesson learned: When you use "just this once" to justify the choice you make to resolve pain, annoyance, temptation or the uncertainty of what you're feeling in the moment, you go down a dangerous slippery slope. 

"How can I move past this?"

It might have been the constant self-reflection or the powerful support of loving friends and family, but one morning I woke up on the hospital bed and decided to try to drown all my internal voices away by focusing on just ONE thing.

More specifically, one word: gratitude.

I thought consciously about everything I was grateful to have, even in my painful circumstances. I focused on gratitude and things got easier. During my recovery, I realized energy can come in many forms and while I couldn't move like before, I could still create. I dabbled in projects from visual art to writing and slowly began feeling more positive. I can still create value. My voice and presence can still be heard.

It was an arduous process, but by making a conscious effort to be honest with myself and mindful of what matters most in life, I learned forgiveness, self-love and strength.

What started with gratitude led me to rediscover the power of focusing on what truly matters – our values and intentions.

Thus, reMINDmebands were born. It became my project while I was in recovery and combatting PTSD.

From idea to product, I wore one band a week in my journey to a new-and-improved truer and authentic me.

Through reflection, growth, recovery, strength, and self-love, I was living as my authentic self and was back on track to become the person I am underneath. 



What I've learned...

  • Mindfulness has the ability to transform the attitudes and perceptions of people around you and gives you more empathy for yourself.
  • We don't seek the painful experiences that may change our identities, but we seek our identities in the wake of painful experiences.
  • Listen to and take care of your body. It's the only one you’ve got.



I continue to wear reMINDme bands as a way to keep true to my values and inspire others to do the same. It is my own accountability system. Anytime I look at my word of intention, I am brought into the present moment and am able to reflect on my values and choices. It has been an incredibly valuable tool for me that I want to share with the world.

I gift reMINDme bands to strangers or "friends to be" I meet in my travels to remind them of their natural beauty and encourage them to reflect and share why that value is so important to them and in effect to the world. 

As an Empowerment and Embodiment coach, I help others be more mindful of what they have, who they are, and who they aspire to be. 


The vision is to amplify YOUR voice.
Give yourself space and time in the busy rush of this world to take a moment to reflect-

  • What makes us strong and persevere?
  • How are we all connected?
  • What do we stand for?



Join me on my mission to spread positive energy in the world. 

Follow @remindmevalues on Instagram and use #remindmevalues to share your own values and show the strength of words of intention.