Hila The Kila 


I want to be more accountable for myself first and live sustainably so that I can retain energy for the long haul and spread love through playful expression. Any big change on the global level requires patience and lifestyle changes and also patience for myself and others in the world.

Aria Reed @Happimethod

Happimethod is a conscious network where people can discover, explore, connect, and contribute elevated content.

"I hope that people will begin to show love for themselves and for each other. That their awareness will shift and they will awaken to the realization that we may all go through and come out of life events differently, yet in the end we are all one human race."

Michael Bedar
Spiritual Coach / Author

The urge to be of Service is powerful. Sometimes people can be of inauthentic service. We can also mistake service for an attachment to pleasing. So when I started with GroundingFeelingSpaceand Truth, it is me being clear to what authentic service looks like. And that’s where presence comes in.

Elizabeth Markle
@Open Source Wellness

Our mission is to facilitate the practices of wellness  and to make healthy behaviors accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable.
At Open Source Wellness, we give people an experience of generosity – we put high-quality attention on our guests and members, while offering them the opportunity to participate in movement, family-style meals, and stress reduction. No web app, book, video, program has the power to transform behavioral patterns, health, or humanity than human connection does. 


Ruth Kim

Rooted in love, we allow ourselves to surrender in connection with other women to discover our feminine power within and be fueled by our purpose to change the world.

Jackie & Dave @KarmaTribe

Karma Tribe is an online gifting platform where you can offer and request anything you want for free. It is about a new lifestyle where you recognize the abundance, where you love selflessly and compassionately  and you can connect through others by the act of sharing.

Simona Asinovski

Our mission is to spread peace and compassion and we want to grow and share this with as much people as possible to offer access to deep states of meditation. For Sound Meditation SF, the sounds that these instruments are much more articulate than we are. They have the power of integrity to bring you closer to who you really are, closer to the heart, and a joyful life, closer to clarity. On our end, it's about commitment to a great experience. We strive to make a Sound Bath as epic as possible. 


Natalie Thiel @OneTaste

Desire is the compass that if we follow, it can lead to our inner knowing. OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is bringing us back to the most essential need for connection. And the foundation for a lot of this work is based on community. Bringing healing and consciousness to areas unknown and repressed (sexuality, shadow, challenging emotions, darkness) to the light can increase our awakening and desire.  



The mission of Holistic Underground is to create an integrated model for community development by uniting the arts, social justice, and holistic health. 
Set your intention. Connect to the present and embody empathy and assertiveness, sensitivity and strength. Live as a holistic part of the ecosystem of life.


The Values Dissect is a practice where we pick apart and discuss 5 values that have gotten you to where you are today. How these interrelate to each other helps us better understand the driving forces of why we do the things we do and to what purpose.

I invite you to share your personal truth and bring to light past, present, and future in this telling tale of who you are and who you aspire to be. Sharing how your values align with your mission and expressing your intention in such an open and raw way has the ability to inspire others to do the same. 

If you'd like to sign up for your own Values Dissect and show off your organization's values, please get in touch below!