Jackie & Dave @KarmaTribe

Karma Tribe is about a new lifestyle where you recognize the abundance, where you love selflessly and compassionately and you can connect through others by the act of sharing.

Aria Reed @Happimethod

Empowerment for me means having the courage to share my perspective and experiences with as many people as I can possibly reach to assist in furthering the creation of an elevated awareness. The power lies within us all, but power must involve others for it to truly evolve us in this life and into our next.

Spiritual Coach / Author

The urge to be of Service is powerful. Sometimes people can be of inauthentic service. We can also mistake service for an attachment to pleasing. So when I started with Grounding, Feeling, Space and Truth, it is me being clear to what authentic service looks like. And that’s where presence comes in.

Simona @SoundMeditationSF

Sound Meditation brings me joy because I’m living my life on purpose. I get to be directing this beautiful thing that is so meaningful for me and something I can share to others. I wake up every morning feeling thankful that I can share this project!

Natalie @OneTaste

OM is a partnered practice which means you need at least one other person. And by extension, a community. A whole group of people coming together and deciding to be connected. I see it bridge gaps between just wildly different groups of people. People who would never be friends suddenly have a very basic human connection with each other.