reMINDme bands are sold in sets of five with various colors and words to help you practice mindfulness.

The bands are comfortable to wear and suitable for sensitive skin and wearers of all ages. They can be used in classrooms, for personal development, and make excellent gifts.

Wear reMINDme bands on your wrist to rep what you're about.

Mix and match different colors and values to express and give meaning behind who you are or aspire to be.

Give the power of intention and acknowledgement.
GIFT a band to old and new friends you meet.
I swear by this, the gift of "I see you" works as karmic currency.  

Works as a great "thank you" card or "get well" or even "KEEP DOING YOU!" card.

I find that writing a personal message on top of the card itself makes an awesome memento to remind my loved ones why they matter to me.  Sincere words on a physical product sends a powerful message and makes a great gift or token of appreciation. You can even use the words on the card to power your message:


YOU are such an amazing person. I believe you personify _____ to your very core. In everything you do, you instill a sense of _____ and inspire me to do the same. Here is a reminder to have  _____ during the moments you might have doubt. You're on the right track and I want you to consider how _____ and _____ can guide you towards achieving your dreams. Keep doing you! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!

50% of all proceeds from the sale of reMINDme bands go to the TZU CHI FOUNDATION, a Buddhist humanitarian relief foundation built on the principles of compassion, gratitude, and mindful living. 

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