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reMINDme Values is a collection of words, reflections, quotes, pictures and ideas to help you stay in the moment whenever you need it. The idea is to focus on oneself, reconnect and tap into a sense of whatever it is you need in the moment – be it peace, enjoyment, wonder or something entirely different.

The idea for this space is to collaborate to help establish a culture of mindfulness in new and meaningful ways. Our mission is to heighten our collective consciousness in the pursuit of actively sharing and living your life according to your values. 

Be the beautiful example and inspire others to do the same.

There are many ways to join the reMINDme community:

Tell Your Story/Share Your Heart

Are you a writer interested in sharing personal essays that connect with an audience on a deep level? We’re interested in real, honest, and vulnerable stories from writers at any experience level. If you have a pitch, please send it to with the subject line Storytelling.

Show Off Your Organization's Values

I regularly do Q&A sessions with organizations that are committed to mindful values. You can be a brand, a company, a non profit, or even a passionate individual doing cool things. The most important thing is that you're committed to your values. Sharing how your values align with your mission and expressing your intention in such an open and raw way has the ability to inspire others to do the same. 

If a value-driven organization can successfully drive impact and influence hundreds of people within their community, what is to prevent an individual from coming up with their own 5 and being the change they want to see in the world?
— Tiff Lin, Founder

If you'd like to be featured on the blog, please get in touch and email with the subject line Q&A

Become a Band Ambassador

We are looking for passionate people to become Band Ambassadors, who would help share reMINDme Values to their own networks and communities around the world! We are looking for social media savvy people who want to bring others onboard to participate in the BANDCHALLENGE.

Design New Mindfulness Products

Got a great idea for more mindfulness products beyond the bands? We want to see your designs for bags/totes/hair accessories/jewelry/hats – whatever you like. Want to collaborate and put your design skills to the test? Let's go.  

Flex Your UX/Web Design Skills

We are looking for anyone with experience with website development or knowledge of how to add a profile login functionality or community building tools.

Interested in any of the above? Send an e-mail to with the subject line Collaborate.