Among our most important beliefs are those we hold about who we are. Our identity is the strongest force in human personality. Our human nature to remain consistent with how we define ourselves shapes our decisions and our behavior on a day to day basis. 

"As a yogi, I will devote my life to daily meditation and acts of compassion."

While identity is the most important power that determines our behavior and our actions, our journey towards living our full potential is thrown in constant flux. The truth is that circumstances change, "shit happens", and as a result, our personal identities will always be caught in a constant state of evolution.

Acknowledge it. Embrace it. 

We are constantly reinventing ourselves and expanding on what is possible. 

The key is to take conscious control of our belief and value system, to cater positive beliefs towards what we desire the most and proactively tap into that potential. The question goes back to how we define ourselves and what we believe we can achieve.

We live who we believe we are

There is a strong value behind words and to live a life of integrity means to consciously interpret events that are happening and to live according to who you believe you are and aspire to be. 

Easier said than done. More often than not, we as human beings choose to act on autopilot, trucking along on a day by day basis. Bad habits transpire and negative perceptions fill us with noise and cloud our judgement. 

But what would happen if we lived more consciously?

Personal growth occurs after you realize that you are in control and responsible for everything you do in your life, no matter the external circumstances.

When we acknowledge and take responsibility for our own values, we no longer have to struggle to make the world conform to our needs, rather we can adapt our own values to fit the circumstances that confront us in the world.

We have freedom of will to live the life we choose.

Take a moment and reflect on what 5 values that you believe you can live by at this present time in your life.

Wake up every morning and let today be a reflection of your standards.
How are you representing the best version of you?

Be mindful. Be True. Be YOU.



Stories are powerful. Within us all is an untold story and a chance to be seen and heard. We revel in our shared experiences and can gain strength/combat fear by feeling united by our similarities and differences.


Community is everything. We seek engagement and empowering conversations through active listening and social media online and offline.


Collaboration is the backbone of what we do as we bring together people, ideas, and stories to create a movement driven by sharing our basic core values.


Raising awareness and being a catalyst for meaningful conversations is the driving force in our mission to inspire people to find their voice, to live conscious lives, and to bring out their true authentic selves to shine and thrive.


We believe everyone has a voice and the power to make a difference. We are instigators of empowerment who seek positive change. We seek to share in action driven ways to impact our communities and contribute to our world. We acknowledge change must start within.